August 12, 2019

Continual Learning, Continuous Improvement, & the Decisions Required for Wellness World 3119

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Wellness World 3119 is about evolving your decisions to learn continually that which supports you in deciding who you decide to be while demonstrating your civility. 

This statement is the story of education ... 

Education is like a two sided coin: 

On one side - teach on the reach = to learn about civility and your contribution with others to make it work for all ... think employee

On the other side - guide on the ride = to learn about yourself and the decisions you make to live an extraordinary life through interactions with situational educators ... think entrepreneur

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In Well Living World 3019 - reread the section on evolve - evolving ... 

Because evolving your decisions is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself - to learn how to learn - to know how to know - to learn how to learn to know how to know .... and then, learn and know how to make it so through doing!

It's the Realization of Both, Not Either

You need to learn about civility - to know the rules and to trust the rules ... just as you need to learn about yourself - so as to break the rules to make it better for you and others. 
(You can replace rules with a situational word like directive, procedures, command, etc.)

This combined pathway is about continual learning as it is about continual knowing and doing ... about continuous acknowledgement, advancement, and amplification as you improve, focus, and strengthen your involvement with others and evolvement for self (also known as continuous improvement)

A Way Forward 

To balance teach on the reach with guide on the ride ... explore and discover the pathway of sage off the page ... 

More to follow in a forthcoming book - called The Way of the Natural Educator - coming soon to this website. 

In the mean time ... grab a coin ... 
The coin is called "Know the Directive"

One side is "Trust the Directive" = Heads =[ involvement 
The other side is "Break the Directive" = Tails =[evolvement

Today, flip the coin into the air
Let it drop to the ground 

(I replaced rules with directive ... because so often you are given directives by others when you are younger that you carry with you today --> check them out - check the inside out story your living because of what others have told you - what they directed you to be-have-do)

Heads or Tails - take action 

With Heads - the directive helps - involvement
Why is the directive in place?
What can you do to continue working with the directive?

With Tails - the directive hinders - evolvement
What directive has to be broken? 

By the way, the first toss could be to test the Heads and Tails designation I gave you ))smiles - is my directive correct for you?

Life is to give, Living is to get, and Love is love. 

Onward ... 

In Closing Wellness World 3119 ...
You are invited to become involved ... and so - - - - your comments are appreciated below.

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And, you are one decision away from becoming a natural educator!

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As we sit at the table with your favourite beverage know
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_ use of Ethical Decision-Making 
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Close - Wellness World 3119


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