Written by Stephen Hobbs

Wellness Projecting Limitations (#3919) is about escaping your projections of limitations on others when in fact they are enrolled in a similar dilemma as you are. 

Let us all agree ... the dilemma ALL of us live in, though, because of, with is to live an extraordinary - wellthy - legacy infused life ... 

While the cards you have been dealt may move you away from agreeing to this observation - that is for you to decide. 

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You decide today into your future:
because today is yesterday's decisions; 
tomorrow is what you decide today 

I decide to:

  • evolve my legacy story --> my contribution in being for the world
  • loverage (leverage with love) what helps me ... because it usually deals with what hinders; if not, deal with the real hindrances -[ not the made-up ones ]- 
  • eco-create the wellthy world even with all of the misdirected actions and conversations
  • co-create well-living workplaces with communities of significance using eco-ethical architexture -[ including WELLth Movement 
  • recreate my extraordinary life as a natural educator to ensure movement and profitability  
  • share stories of the best of the persons with whom I interact, even when they may attempt to take me down and not fulfill their accountabilities 
  • develop continuously by creative elementals like listening, sharing, ethical decision making, and more
  • improve, focus, and strength my decisions today! 

Question for You

Do you have your "I Decide to List?"

A Story About Wellness, Projecting Limitations on Others 

How do you escape your projections of limitations on others?

A story ...
At dinner last night with four others - I projected a limitation on a friend who was not present ... I said the friend had disrespected me.

As if my dinner companions could do anything about it - aside from offering a "I know what you mean nob." Which is of no help - to anyone!  

In reflection ... I do not know my friend's equilibrating story with this matter. That is, I do not know what he is living on the other end of the situational stick we're sharing.

In negating him in my conversation with others, I'm taking the conversation stick and whacking him up the side of head in spiritual terms. Such action and conversations is not in my To Decide list. Nor, does it serve those enjoying dinner. 

AND, when I woke this morning - found the topic of this blog post in my "Today's Writing List" ... I went, "OK - I get it!"

Projecting limitations is about unwellness ...
Sharing possibilities is about wellness. 

A Final Thought

I decide - you decide ... from the alternatives what pathway I - you - we will take for each situation.

Like the wind caressing the grass in the field outside my window - I whisper with the wind Give to Get ... and I evolve my legacy story! 

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Onward ... 

In Closing Todays Blog about: Wellness Projecting Limitations ...
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