Establish Rapport for Those Situations When Emotions Dramatically Pendulum Swing for Wellness 3719

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Wellness 3719 is about establishing rapport for those situations when emotions dramatically pendulum swing. 

Whoa there my friend. What's with the emotional pendulum swing? 

I appreciate the day did not go so well for you. However, don't take it out on me ... 

Wow you're flying high - must have been a great audition. However, can you come down off the ceiling. 

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Emotions and The Associated Swings

I'm all for emotions ... while I may be more stayed than most - I do cry - I get angry - I feel what's going on around me. 

And, I've had a few emotional pendulum swings. 

Luckily during those times I had a great rapport with those involved. They saw my "outburst - my actions" as an exception rather than a rule!

So I did not ruin the relationship ... 


I've seen where that has not been the case. A person gets hurt - whether physically, mentally, soulfully, and/or spiritually. The perpetrator seems to show no remorse. Dire consequences ensue. 

From my time in war zones, I came to understand - once you give up on your words, you pick up a weapon!  The emotions quickly escalate. Decisions become irrational. People get hurt. Often the vulnerable!

What I learned along the way is to stay in rapport - so that when a swing begins, you can find a way to shorten the swing. Sometimes with the help of the person across from you.

And, sometimes you back up, turn and walk away!
Return later ... 
Possibly, say goodbye!

While most emotional swings are associated with "anger (and synonyms)", there are times when a euphoric swing can destroy connections. The swing to this extreme can fuel narcissism (look what I did, I don't need you!) or resentment (you've become too big for your britches!).  

A Final Thought

One area of being human that requires more attention nowadays is EQ --> Emotional Quotient - Emotional Intelligence  

Understanding your EQ gives you guide rails for decision making and can lessen the pendulum swings. 

Want to get insights about your EQ ... 

  • go to
  • complete the survey from Andrea Issacs
  • decide next steps with the help of the reports you receive
Life is to give, Living is to get, and Love is love. 

Onward ... 

In Closing Wellness 3719 ...
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