September 16, 2019

How Do Learning and Development Contribute to All Aspects of Your Life for Wellness 3819

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Wellness 3819 is about expediting opportunities for persons to experience work-related learning and development that is complementary to all aspects of their lives. 

Do you separate the elements of your life from one another - that is, in living your extraordinary life, do you place your daily activities into "separate folders"? 

When I taught a course on Introductory Leisure and Recreation - I had my learners keep track of four broad elements of living life for a week.

While there where no big Eureka insights - it did been to light life decisions and the ensuing consequences. 

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The Four Broad Elements are:

  • Work - job (with work colleagues)
  • Philanthropy - voluntarism (with indirect social group)
  • Leisure - recreation (with direct social group)
  • Wellness - health (food, sleep, etc.) (with family and friends) 

Did these or similar elements (folders) find their way into your life?

They did for me ... and it's why I used the four elements with my learners. 

Then, I caught on to the fact that - the elements are helpful in and of themselves when I noticed they flow into one another. I wasn't looking at a four leaf clover - instead, I was looking at the leaves weaving in and through each other - more like a dynamic light show!

Thereafter, I did not treat them as folders I placed on my desk whereupon I completed the associated tasks and put the folders away to choose another. 

Leveraging A Workplace Connection 

I'm using the folder analogy - especially when it pertains to work. 

Here, I learnt that there were three broad types of workplace learning and development - all with the intention of improving my personal performance and my contribution to productivity. 

Then - I figured it out ... these three types of learning and development weave together. They were not folders. They were a light show!

I really, really saw how these types of learning and developing at work could assist me with the other three broad life elements and vice versa. 

That's when it really clicked in ... the three broad types of learning and development and their broad implications are:

  • formal - must involve myself to evolve my practice = required
  • informal - it's up to you what you learn and develop - make sure you find the link and leverage it (yes, some people took basket weaving - the result a heighten awareness of patience!) = requested
  • incidental/situational - at the time, there is learning/development here - what is it? = weave required and requested together

A Final Thought

All this insight about elements of life and types of learning and development highlighted one area of being human - being me that required more attention from me. That is, Know Thyself to Know Others.

And so, I searched for all kinds of person-ability assessments (and I've completed most of them and I can facilitate two of them) ... 

One that seems quite relevant to me today is The Core Value Index™.  

They "... suggest it's the only instrument that aligns your Inner Being with your highest form of personal self-expression, allowing you to BE more of who you truly are so you can thrive in your Purpose."

To access the Core Value Index Assessment click here
No affiliate fees!

  • From the report you receive, you can decide next steps!

Travel WELL!

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Onward ... 

In Closing Wellness 3819 ...
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