Wellness 3219 is about enveloping a friendly connection through which the intimacy of your authentic being can be enlightened. 

Calling all authentic beings- yes, You! And, YOu! And, YOU!

One of the sure ways to enlighten your authentic being is to connect with someone on an intimate level. Or more than someone - with many persons. And connect with the intimacy of me, myself, and I.

As you connect - do so on levels that highlight physical, familial, social, mental, vocational, financial, philanthropic, ecological, wholversical, and spiritual wellness.

In being, having, and doing so you access a connection that shines brightly for you, the person with whom you are engaging with, and the precessional effect your connections have in being for the world.

And let that connection envelope you ... to bathe you in gratitude and caring ... in patience and flexibility ... in discretion and humor.

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There is much to learn about yourself because of others weaving their lives with yours - whether for a short time or long time ... 

Whereas, family is there - it's friends who bring another source of light to you ... 

  • To illuminate what's happening before, beside, and behind you
  • To reduce your burden through helping and conversation
  • To ground you along a path that vibrates with love 
  • To bring play and fun to your often times serious interactions 
  • To burn the woes that no longer serve your attention

A friend - ah, a friend - there is always and in all ways room for a friend! Friends!

Life is to give, Living is to get, and Love is love. 

Onward ... 

In Closing Wellness 3219 ...
You are invited to become involved ... and so - - - - your comments are appreciated below.

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As we sit at the table with your favourite beverage know
WELLth Movement guides inspired practitioners to become natural educators who deliver extraordinary experiences with their community of significance using eco-ethical architecture. 

Inspired Practitioners
_ Managers and Leaders in organizations of all types, sizes, and locations 
_ Parents & Grandparents looking to involve their children/grandchildren with nature

Natural Educators​
_ Facilitative Mentors
_ Navigators & Weavers 

Extraordinary Experiences
_ Employees & Customers
_ Children and Grandchildren 

Community of Significance
_ Elevate groups and teams (departments/units) to communities of significance 
_ Involve family and friends in nature-based activities to benefit of all & trees

Eco-Ethical Architexture
_ use of Ecological Literacy
_ use of Ethical Decision-Making 
_ use of language that evolves love and compassion in being for the world

Close - Wellness World 3219


Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Writer - Walk with Nature as My Educator
- Share the Legacy I Intend to Live

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