August 5, 2019

Evolve the Knowing-Doing Cycle to Meet the ‘Love to’ Requests for Well Living World 3019

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Well Living World 3019 is about evoking a heartfelt cry for an evolution of the knowing-doing cycle that meets the ‘love to’ requests of every worldly person. 

Each of us - you and me and a mother named Gaia are the worldly persons who live in full view of the possibilities and opportunities you, we decide to weave together through living our extraordinary lives and evolve our legacies. 

So why all of the NOISE?

well living world 1419
well living world 1819

Take the first four letters - switch them around = love
Take the middle two letters, switch them around and add the last two letters = love 
By switching the "ol to lo" - it's about "Lo and behold, our presence is equilibrated by our love of history and our love of mystery"
also, ol is the short form of organization learning
and lo is the short form for learning organization 

The equilibration of presence is about learning organization and organization learning
Learning - the act of gaining awareness
Organization - the act of organizing
The act of gaining awareness of the act of organizing
The act of organizing of the act of gaining awareness

Learning how to learn to organize
Organizing how to ​organize to learn 

Thus the the need for the evolution of the knowing-doing cycle
The knowing of the concepts and the doing of the practices
The integration of concepts and practices necessary for giving and for getting.

About the heartfelt cry that evokes transition necessary to meet the love to requests, like:

  • Love to live a full and harmonious life
  • Love to work in ways that contribute my best
  • Love to share what I know and can do as a mentor
  • Love to play outside with the children
  • Love to volunteer my time nurturing the stories of trees

    You love to ___________

Life is to give, Living is to get, and Love is love. 

Onward ... 

In Closing Well Living World 3019 ...
You are invited to become involved ... and so - - - - your comments are appreciated below.

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well living world 2219

As we sit at the table with your favourite beverage know
WELLth Movement guides inspired practitioners to become natural educators who deliver extraordinary experiences with their community of significance using eco-ethical architecture. 

Inspired Practitioners
_ Managers and Leaders in organizations of all types, sizes, and locations 
_ Parents & Grandparents looking to involve their children/grandchildren with nature

Natural Educators​
_ Facilitative Mentors
_ Navigators & Weavers 

Extraordinary Experiences
_ Employees & Customers
_ Children and Grandchildren 

Community of Significance
_ Elevate groups and teams (departments/units) to communities of significance 
_ Involve family and friends in nature-based activities to benefit of all & trees

Eco-Ethical Architexture
_ use of Ecological Literacy
_ use of Ethical Decision-Making 
_ use of language that evolves love and compassion in being for the world

Close - Well Living World 3019


Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Writer - Walk with Nature as My Educator
- Share the Legacy I Intend to Live

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