Moving through Regret, Finding Inspiration for Well Living World 2219

Written by Stephen Hobbs

Well Living World 2219 is about making decisions from the choices available as you live your extraordinary life ... co-create the well-living workplace ... evolve your legacy ... and eco-create the wellthy-wealthy world 

While making your decisions you encounter the feelings of regret and disappointment just as you experience the feelings of inspiration and encouragement. 

An exciting update - you can experience more inspiration and encouragement when you decide to make it happen, so IT is!

Everyday choices become available.

You can turn right or left, sit or stand.
You can say you're right or wrong, correct or incorrect.
You can be a lot of things when following the choices available.

However, it is the decisions you make in association with those choices that are important.

With your decisions, you bring about consequences. And because of those consequences, you can encounter regret and disappointment or experience inspiration and encouragement.

Decisions in Your Life

For those decisions where you harbour regret, your well-being may be affected. As a result, you could benefit from reframing your memories.

Think of those decisions that inspired you. What was happening? Embrace the real meaning of what was happening and see if there is a possibility of doing more with what worked.

Let me explain ...

Decisions are essential elements for living your extraordinary life. Without them, you go where the wind blows. Alternatively, you chart your direction and follow that path.

And yet, there are times when being taken somewhere can be a refreshing lull in what may appear as a gale force wind. Still, in this decision, be aware of the direction and its consequences.


Other Words for Choices

There are other words associated with choices. In recognizing them in your life, you can see across the different places in which you live your extraordinary life. Words like causes, options, and interventions come to mind. 

  • In the business world, the question of "what causes an event to occur" will require a decision to deal with that cause.
  • In the retail world, the question of "what is available" will require a decision to pick the best option.
  • In the human services world, the question of "what is the best course of action to resolve a situation" will require a decision to select the appropriate intervention.
  • At home, the evening meal question, "From what restaurant will we order our meal?" ... when someone craves a submarine sandwich and another lemon chicken with fried rice - will you seek consensus for one restaurant or order from two and hope the food arrives at the same time - then you realize there are two delivery charges. 

Always and in all ways, turn your ear to your decisions and the associated choices. When you do, you have more insights into the decisions you can make. Decisions of any kind, when made from informed insights, offer you inspiration and encouragement rather than regret and disappointment.

Feelings Accompany Decisions

Accompanying your decisions are your feelings. 

With some decisions, you may feel regret and disappointment. Those feelings may linger for a day, weeks, months and even years. The regret and disappointment can develop depression that can weaken your well-being if carried too far.

When you experience too many options. You can undergo a decision paralysis. You can become numb to all of the options. A feeling of regret slices in. 

Sometimes you make a quick decision. And when the result does not meet the imagined intention, you may feel a sting of disappointment.

A living example is the variety of cakes and cookies found in the bakery. All of the items are displayed. Which one will I choose today? 

Standing there, you realize you have to make a quick decision because you have to get back to work. Paying the money for the chocolate éclair, you walk out. Instead of waiting, you hear the éclair calling you. 

As your resistance wanes, you bite into the éclair. Looking forward to the melting chocolate and fluffy pastry your taste buds are greeted with a bland chocolate coating and stale pastry. 

Then, you picture the three cookies you could have bought for the price of the éclair.

Ah—the pang of disappointment.

On the flip side, when there are too few options, you may experience disappointment. The lack of choices may result in you settling for something less than what you wanted. 

When this occurs, it's often about your lack of personal responsibility for the outcome. That is, you are not invested in the event. Because when you are invested in the event and take responsibility for the outcome, it is amazing how many more options become available.

Decisions and Inspirations

Inspiration accompanies your decisions when you recognize that the decisions you make provide you with the means to approach living your extraordinary life rather than obtaining some ultimate version of it. 

When you know the ultimate cannot be obtained -rather it's approached- you will find the ways and means to acquire the approachable option. Your decisions will provide you with what you need to live your extraordinary life for today.

From my book Living YOUR Great Life, statement #10 has relevance here:

Living a great life involves appreciating that actuality is approachable, yet not obtainable in human form. Of the truest ideals, you choose to materialize, realize that all is not present to you in human form. Yet, seek to manifest your ideas. Because this journey is preferred over any other alternative that can be given to you.

Life Business Legacy

Taking the fun a few steps further ... today

  • Of the truest ideals, you actually choose to manifest, you will decide to do or say or think what?
  • Of the decisions you have made, describe each one in terms of inspiration.
  • Of those decisions you still see as regrets, how can you reframe them as contributors to living your extraordinary life?Enter your text here...
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Life is to give, Living is to get, and Love is love. 

Onward ... 

In Closing Well Living World 2219 ...
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