Here are 19 Paradoxes affecting your Organization of Work - influencing the co-creation of your well-living workplace.

And in no particular order:

1: Shift Paradox … you cannot have change without transition and transition without change.
Look at the cube with the "A" - Is the "A" located on the back panel or front panel?


Answer --> BOTH!
With time, you can hold both through learning and practice, and through the words you use to describe and explain what is happening. For example, shift implies holding change and transition at the same time through time and space.

Then again, 
Is the "A" in the Middle?
In front the of the front panel?
In back of the back panel?
Ah - possibilities...

2: Progress Paradox … how life gets better and people feel worse … how the workplace gets better and employees feel worse. I am sure you can think of an example or two (smiles).

3: Wisdom Paradox … how your mind can grow stronger as your brain grows older … Each generation is affected by its own history (children will not have the same sort of life cycle as parents). The thinking that got you in will not be the thinking that will get you out.

4: Paradox of Intelligence … the new source of wealth in organizations is intelligence or knowledge. Therefore, it is a new form of intellectual property (IP). Unfortunately knowledge does not act like any other form of property.

You cannot decree or redistribute intelligence. You cannot leave it (all of it) with others when you leave. There is education through work-related learning and development. However, consider the time it takes to shape and use it.

An interesting observation – when you share what you know, you retain it.

5: Paradox of Leadership and Management … should I lead or should I manage? …
In developing leadership knowledge, skills and attitude, it is important to develop management knowledge, skills and attitude.
Balancing paradoxes like:
a) people-oriented and productivity-driven
b) earning trust and implementing initiatives
c) vision-stability and transition flexibility
d) initiator (get in) and group member (wait)
e) expansion (output by budget) and cost containment (budget by output)

6: Paradox of Choice … decisions are often made so they can be reversed (that is, decisions have conditions).

7: Paradox of Vision … since vision includes emerging and converging on reality at the same time, the result is a view of the future and a convergence into today’s reality to focus intellect and action.

The closer your vision gets to a provable truth, the more you’re simply describing the present. In the same way, the more certain you are of a future of outcome, the more likely you’ll be wrong (Wacker, Means & Taylor, 2000).

The relevance of vision lies in its simplicity and clarity.

8: Paradox of Transition … to engage in cautious deconstruction (breaking it up) and simultaneous construction (bringing it together) …
Example: rebuilding a home while living in it; redefining the work unit while carrying out the work.

9: Paradox of Paradox … the more you work in paradox, the more the paradox becomes clearer.

10: Paradox of Creative Heart and Disciplined Mind … discovering that the artist and scientist exist in every person. To work in this paradox is to work with the whole brain.

11: Paradox of Leadership … to lead from the front you have to stay inside the story. Often the best place to lead is from the side or behind. And it is wise to understand that a leader is one who knows when to follow.

12: Paradox of Value … the value of any service/product becomes inseparable from a user’s perception of worth.

13: Paradox of Size … that bigger you are, the smaller you need to be.

14: Paradox of Time … to succeed in the short term, you need to think in the long term.

15: Paradox of Competition … your biggest competitor is your own view of your future.

16: Paradox of Action … you’ve got to go for what you can’t expect to get.

17: Paradox of Leisure … play is hard work.

18: Paradox of Reality … every person on planet Earth today has the potential to be connected to every other person. As these links become stronger, our individuation becomes starker.

19: Paradox of Organizations … more than ever, organizations need to be global and local at the same time; to be small in some ways but big in others; to be centralized some of the time and decentralized most of it.

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