August 20, 2018

Are You Creating a Global Community through which Paradox is Promoted, Embraced, and Integrated: Well-Living World 0518

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Eco-creating the well-living world involves creating a global community through which paradox is promoted, embraced, and integrated.

Working at a ​​Global community level extends your local impact along the continuum of local - regional - national - continental - global. It's when you decide what your inspired to contribute is valuable to a wider audience. 

With the Internet and technological advances ... your local-to-global or "glocal" reach is plausible and within your fingertips. One of the best ways to ensure this movement is to develop a certified practitioner program - in other words, prepare others to educate what you love to share. 

Paradox is an apparently true statement that seems to lead to contradiction or to a situation that defies intuition.
Examples include:

  • Fight for peace.
  • More haste, less speed.
  • Winning at your job means losing at life.
  • The more you know, the more you are confused.
  • The more technical ability increases, the more powerless we become.
  • We grow more food than we need, yet we cannot feed the starving.
  • Adults have not learnt everything until children have taught them something.
  • And you would add? Please share in the Comments section below.

To promote, embrace, and integrate paradox is to run towards the fire ... to engage with things that seem - at first - intuitively incorrect. And yet, make sense with a few deep breaths.

You/Me/We live - lead - laugh as we experience paradoxes.
Reflect on the ones above - see what I mean ))smiles 

There is more:

Well-Living World 0618 will list and throw light on 19 Paradoxes affecting your organization of work - co-creating your well-living workplace. 
Well-Living World 0718 will describe and explain the Albiliene and Icarus Paradoxes. 

Because it's important to remember:
YOU are one decision away from eco-creating the well-living world with others. 

Onward ... 

Well-Living World Natural Educators

Questions to stimulate your thoughts and feelings: 

  • What does the action verb creating mean to you?
  • How will you create a global community through which paradox is promoted, embraced, and integrated.?
  • What will it take for you to commit to creating a global community through which paradox is promoted, embraced, and integrated.?

Now write 3 statements using this phrase:

Eco-creating the well-living world involves creating ___: 


Add you statements in the Comments section below ... for all of us to benefit from your suggestions. 

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