January 28, 2019

Equilibrate Divisive Paradigms about a Phenomenon To Appreciate the Whole Phenomenon for the Well Living World 0419

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Eco-Creating the well-living world involves adjusting your thinking from a mechanistic paradigm through a vitalistic paradigm to a holistic paradigm, which is an ongoing reconciliation of the other two 

Paradigm - such an interesting word. Depending on your POV - paradigm has an academic - theoretical flavor and/or an everyday - practical flavor. 

A pattern or example of something ... something you can discern 
A worldview of something scientific through a theoretical lens 

well living world 0419

And the statement suggests 3 paradigms of which two are in opposition and third brings the other two together. 

Mechanistic ... explaining something (a phenomenon) in purely physical terms ... looking at nature, the body, an organization in deterministic terms - that is, these thing "things" are mechanical - machine-like 

Vitalistic ... explaining something (a phenomenon) in self-determining terms ... looking at something through as more than chemical and physical - that is, there are other elements in play to explain and describe the something   

Holistic (Wholistic) ... explaining something (a phenomenon) though the combination of mechanistic and virtalstic terms ... the something is whole - that is, both perspectives explain and describe the thing 

Where the (w)holistic paradigm reconciles - brings back together again the mechanistic and vitalistic paradigms. 

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Our use of paradigm is learned.
And in our application of paradigm you identify a side into which you lean. 
What is important is to bring the division back together through equilibration ... as in nature, seek to dynamically balance the paradigms.

Rather than talking about what matters (one side or the other) 
Instead, talk about the spirit - wholeness of the thing
Blending all points of view - that is, gain a wholistic perspective. 

Onward ... 

well-living world 1518

Activity ... In your life what do you see through a mechanistic lens, a vitalistic lens, and a wholistic lens?

Of what you identified - what are the meaningful patterns you recognize about the three lens - paradigms? 

From the list - what lens by phenomenon requires an upgrade for you to eco-create the well-living world.

In Closing Well Living Workplace 0419 ...
You are invited to become involved ... and so - - - - your comments are appreciated below.

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