March 9, 2017

Well Living Workplace Story

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This well living workplace story encourages the co-creation of a 21st Century workplace based on well-living concepts and practices. 

Co-creating the well living workplace (often written as well-living workplace) is a 21st Century business initiative. 


Leadership Legacy Well-Living WorkplaceWell Living Workplace is a   

  • a place of work where, when and how people live and work well together
  • with the intention of realizing the organizational mission and group / team action steps
  • while in service to one another internally
  • while in service with people the organization serves: its customers and clients 
  • while balancing people, productivity and profit interactions and breakthroughs
  • and through which people enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy.

Co-creating is highlighted in the definition above.
The is, the workplace is created with [= co-creating] with employees and customers 
rather than created because of [= crating] employees and customers  

For 21st Century businesses
their co-creating will move to eco-creating
to meet the cravings of employees and customers. 
[topic for another post]

Additional Requirements for the Well Living Workplace Story

Includes topics like: 

  1. Workplace Culture
  2. People Navigation
  3. Direct Response Managing and Leading
  4. Competency Mapping and Verification
  5. Ethical Decision Making with emphasis on the ethical value of hospitality 
  6. Employee Experiences
  7. Customer Experiences
  8. Leadership Legacy
  9. Facilitative Mentoring
  10. Instructive Coaching 

As an example …
Workplace culture involves valuing human interactions
and the artefacts that result from those interactions.

When workplace culture is known to managers and staff,
then everyone has more insights for how best to work together.

To sustain the Well-Living Workplace and Workplace Culture approach
all involved are asked to be clear, consistent and connected in their work
to the extent they know the ways and means to evolve the culture in support of the work.
They recognize how culture is ever present and requires attention to keep it fresh and real.

We make available the TRIPIS approach for managers and leaders
to map, manage and measure workplace culture.
TRIPIS described and explained in another post … Workplace Culture mapping technique TRIPIS
From the outset managers and leaders gain
immediate insights to the question “What are employees doing when the manager / leader is not in the room?”

In addition, executives, managers / leaders and employees identify
what they will continue, stop and start doing to initiate the well-living workplace.

TRIPIS has you:

  • assess the transition readiness of the current workplace culture when linked with the future (or intended) culture
  • identify the issues and steps from which to develop maps and plans with all employees (and customers) to move all involved forward
  • implement the initiatives and gain insights from which to sustain movement including course corrections 
  • implement education and verification programs developed to guide the employees (and customers) forward
  • evaluate the degree of shift from the current situation to the new situation (both Return on Investment for the organization and Return on Learning / Return on Educating for the employees, managers and leaders – and customers)


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Yours for the wellth of it, 

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Stephen Hobbs, EdD is from Calgary, AB and founder of the Steve serves as an international consultant, author and amazing decision facilitator. He guides executives and established entrepreneurs to evolve delivery of extraordinary employee and/or customer experiences in their words. He has published books on topics like: live your great life, create well-living workplaces, co-create the well-living world, encourage heartfelt people connections, and navigate workplace culture as an extraordinary experience. He’s also a phenomenal thought-note speaker and philanthropist for children and trees. 



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