March 30, 2021

Weekly Update for WELLth Movement Programs and Projects March 31, 2021

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Each Tuesday, you can read - watch - share the images, GIFs, videos, and product - process - project - program updates shared over the past week or forthcoming. The keywords are wellth, grandparents, legacy, trees, and ecocreation.

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March 24, 2021

#Grandparents, the Importance of Reflecting on Your Daily Outcomes - to ecocreate your wise practices the Next Day - about "LOVERAGE"

To assist with Writing Your Legacy Story as an Elder-Mentor

Added #treemendous insight --- about the metaphoric meaning of the #Larch tree ... a continuing story of Larch trees being for the world 

Appreciate reading your larch stories! 

Larch Metaphor

March 25, 2021

#Grandparents - it's important for you to answer this question: Why Add Chapters to Celebrate Writing Your #Legacy Story? Joy

What Hinders #Grandparents Involvement with the Natural World? with #grandchildren

5 Broad Hindrances - Ignorance - Doubt - Complacency - Doctrine - Inequality

Suggest Ways to overcome each #hindrance

March 26, 2021

Be honest about what is going on for you...
_ your children
_ your grandchildren
_ your kin
_ the natural world
___ and WHO else?

Your thoughts are appreciated... add below!

Truth Grandparents Natural World

March 27, 2021

Over the past few weeks I’ve posted 10 action_outcome statements helpful in writing your legacy story … the images and videos with additional commentary posted here: 

Think of it as a FREE course ))smiles

Writing Legacy Story

March 28, 2021

10 Steps to Monetize Your Lived Experience ... a handout

Helpful if you wrote your #Legacy Story 

Will set up a free course on a webpage for you to follow - stay within reach of this FB feed for more updates!

10 Steps to Monetize Lived Experience

March 29, 2021

Voice Authority Mastery Position

Voice, Authority, Mastery, Position (VAMP) are important to #grandparents - like #grandparenting you are vamping ... to do otherwise you'll share a story of VAMPire (with ire = anger) ... and no grandchild needs your anger...

What say you?

March 30, 2021

This Blog Post!

March 31, 2021

Published "Grandparents Co-Creating the Well-Living Community" on Medium ...
About Foreground NOISE and Background NEWS

Start of the Wednesday series on Medium
#grandparents #legacy #ecocreation #trees #wellth

Backrgound NOISE
Background NOISE Foreground NEWS

Sharing some love about Larch Trees and an important message about caring for larch trees during the fall when the needles turn yellow and fall to the ground.

Click the image to access the messages!  

Larch Love
Larch Needle

branch of larch tree with young shoots, close-up, the needles grow in bundles


What are the 10 Action Steps You Can Follow to Write Your Legacy Story? ... here is an Overview - Intro to the Steps

Watch 10 Videos about Writing Your Legacy Story as an Elder-Mentor

A free mini-course ))smiles 

Additional Insights

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