January 23, 2021

Weekly Update for WELLth Movement Programs and Projects January 26, 2021

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Each Tuesday, you can read - watch - comment on the 3 word images as GIFs, 2 videos posted, and product - process - project - program updates shared over the past week or forthcoming (2 books). 

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Truth Brilliance
Brilliance Truth

Legacy Decoded:
Perspective Presentation Including Elder & Mentor ... define legacy and decoded; introduce 5 core elements of the Legacy Decoded Platform

#grandparents #wellth #legacy #ecocreation

Trees Earth Elders
Intention Optimism

Next, is our weekly video on Sunday at 9 am MST.

We share our personal summaries about the concepts and practices used by WELLth Movement to breathe life into these keywords ... #wellth #grandpartents #trees #legacy #ecocreation

The video series is called "Trees Everyday" - a reminder of the importance of trees and to encourage you to ground yourself each day in the majestry of trees whether touching one, looking at one or imagining your favourite tree.


  • Values
    __ Utility - strengthen
    __ Truth - focus
    __ Worth - improve
    *** "The IFS" = improve, focus, strengthen 
  • Ethical Values (vs Ethically Neutral Values)
    __ Accountability
    __ Caring
    __ Community
    __ Fairness
    __ Hospitality
    __ Respect
    __ Trust(worthiness) 
  • Decision Making - Ethical Format
    Step 1: Share Story of the Situation
    Step 2: Identify top Ethical Value for the Situation (blinking like a neon sign) 
    Step 3: Rescript the Situation Story using the Ethical Value Resources:
  • Dr. J. Demartini - Values Assessment __ https://drdemartini.com/values/ 
  • Michael Josephson https://web.engr.uky.edu/~jrchee0/CE%20401/Josephson%20EDM/Making_Ethical_Decisions.pdf
    At the time of writing these notes - there was difficulty in reaching the main website 
Dynamically Balancing Paradoxes Decision Making
Action Creation EcoCreation

Read the #Story from Bottom left to Top Right:

With Action, you have a Reaction (add re = about_action);

Consider moving the "c" to form #Creation = an extended/expanded action;

Then, add "Co" while taking action with others;

AND add "E" to make it Eco(Ethical)Creation!

Book available February 11
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Showing off my Tree Canada tuque knowing I planted a tree!
Link to purchase:

Tree Canada Tuque

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