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Summary: Wealth Attraction and wealth creation combine ideas and actions expressed with the world through work, resourcefulness, and asset management

Ideas and Actions for Wealth Attraction and Wealth Creation 

Over the years I've collected ideas and actions linked to wealth attraction and wealth creation. The following statements reflect what I think are the more salient points. I lean into the work of others like Loral Langemeier, John Demartini, Tony Robbins, etc. with my twist.

7 Ideas - Wealth Attraction

I live in possibly - because possibility exists in every handshake

I create my world through eco-creative activities with others 

I am a magnet for what I got

I become what I think within, without, between, together, and beyond ​

Energy flows where my materialization goes 

Life is abundant ... Everything is connected

Thoughts become things ... the frequency of which is mine to vibrate

7 Actions - Wealth Creation

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Ask with feeling; believe with intention; receive with gratitude

Move from fantasy to fact with faith and forgiveness 

Act, because the wholverse likes speed

Know thyself, to know others, to know thyself

Begin where I am 

Seek magnificance - be magnificence, do significance, have magnificance 

Author my life; Create my destiny; ​Follow my bliss

Sharing From Under the Tree​

Focused Mentoring Bridge

Nature is effortless

Nature is without straight lines

​Nature is without mistakes

Nature is in harmony

Nature corresponds with the nature of my story​

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