July 23, 2021

Want to Explore and Discover Your Legacy Project

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July 23, 2021 

Want to explore and discover legacy project in your words, on your terms? 

I start with a question because I want to share a SHORT situational story in which the question has relevance. 

Conversation at Dinner 

The family and friends dinner party is scheduled for this Saturday evening. 

You've been mulling over what is an extraordinary talking point you want to share with others - something that grabs their attention - something they want to chat with you about between the main course and dessert, and some want to extend the conversation over tea, coffee, or more. 

Your taking point - I suggest - is your legacy project.
The project you've selected to live from..
The project that highlights your values of being for the world - being with the planet...
The project that you want to evolve - the challenge you are taking up that may involve those at dinner...

And now, you are sharing the origin story of your project - and for good reason because it's a way to informally test your thinking and feeling!

When all goes forward, you can think back to that dialogue as a major conversation (turning) point for your project.

I suggest - sharing your legacy project - at whatever level of "thingness" will make a great talking point --- so, onward!

AND, if you need assistance before the dinner party, we - at WELLth Movement - are hear to assist you. Even if it is a 29-minute exploratory conversation so another person can hear your wonderful idea before you share it with others! Schedule your conversation now!


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