Walking with Nature

Walking is TREEmendous Way to Move through Forests

Wellth Movement via Awarests Encourages Walking

To walk with the trees, to walk along forest paths is a wonderful and wanderfull way to commune with nature and find some peace and quiet for your soul. 

Over the weeks to follow, we will add more information about walking from several perspectives:

  • For the everyday, using a simply serious health approach
  • For the weekend outing with friends and there is an intention of robustness
  • For the longer vacation walk, where you've cover some consistent distance each day

5 Tips About Walking
5 Tips to Wander Treefully

Walking with Nature: 5 Considerations to Invigorate Your Walking Experience

Walking with Nature can heighten our ecological consciousness.  
This awareness
__fuels our commitment to ecological stewardship and
__inspires us to take conscious actions
that protect and preserve the natural interactions for future generations.

5 Considerations to Walk with Nature:

Schedule Regular Nature Walks:
Set aside dedicated time to embark on nature walks.
Whether it's a nearby park, a nature reserve, or a forest trail,
prioritize spending time in natural surroundings.

Practice Mindful Walking:
Engage in mindful walking during your nature excursions.
Pay attention to your breath, the sensation of your feet touching the ground.
Be fully present in your movement.

Embrace Sensory Experiences: 
Observe the vibrant colors of flowers, listen to the rustling leaves,
inhale the scents of the forest, and feel the textures of trees and rocks.
Allow yourself to fully immerse in the sensory experiences nature offers.

Reflect and Journal:
After each nature walk, take a few moments to reflect on your experiences.
Consider the lessons nature taught you, the emotions it evoked, and the insights it offered.
Journaling about these experiences can help deepen your connection with nature
and serve as a valuable record of your journey.

Share and Inspire:
Share your experiences and insights with others.
Engage in conversations, create social media posts, or join nature-oriented communities
to inspire and encourage others to walk with nature as a self-care companion
and a living systems educator. 

Aspen Trees
Awarests Coloring Tree

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