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videos podcasts#525: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Engel Jones



Thyson Banighen – The Wellness Show – December 2016


Show Notes (Episode 094):

Dr. Stephen Hobbs is a grey digital nomad who’s worked on six of seven continents. By day, he guides entrepreneurs and executives to evolve delivery of extraordinary experiences in the words of customers and employees. By night, he co-writes about Awarest – the majestic and magical forest of awareness where Trees Are Educators.

videos podcastsThe way Stephen does his transition work is through children and trees and so it actually means, “I” (the child) and “T” (the trees). “Trees are going to become the educators around people around learning more about their life and their businesses and where they’re going”

He was in Uganda, South Africa working with the children to help plant trees to counter the deforestation that was happening there which resulted in waters coming too quickly. Through this experience, Stephen was also able to work with the children.

When he talks about living legacy, it is not something that happens when you die it; is something you live. Stephen says there are four aspects of legacy: your life and how you live it, how you work with other people, and the notion of literacy, which is learning about all the different aspects of ones’ life. Then finally there is a notion of legal legacy, meaning physical property and/or monetary will. “I weave legacy in to all my work when I’m doing my children and trees program.”

He shares the difference between experiences and extraordinary experiences. We have good experiences and bad ones, but having extraordinary experiences are much more than that. “Those extraordinary experiences those ones that are so memorable that they shift a way of looking at things, the notion of they give you a really important story to live from.”

When it comes to mentoring, Stephen says it is not an age thing. Young people can teach elders; it is all about sharing the experiences and helping people grow. “The beautiful part about mentoring is that it is not age specific, it is about lived experience specific.”

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About the Great Green Wall project mentioned during the podcast

Corbin Links Show: August 2016

How to Create Wellth With Dr. Stephen Hobbs – CLS049

Share Tweet ShareShares 264Today, The Corbin Links Show welcomes Doctor Stephen Hobbs, a true change agent who brings a “wellth” of experience in the areas of: Interpersonal Communication Organizational Behavior and Dynamics Change Management How to create a truly creative and effective workplace How to Be a More Effective Coach and Consultant Models for Rapid

What You Will Learn

  • What happens to confused clients (hint: it’s not good…) and how to prevent it
  • The one communication tip you MUST know to achieve real breakthrough with your clients
  • The ONE major issue affecting ALL organizations and how to modify your business to help fix it
  • What business or company ‘culture’ really means for coaches and consultants
  • How universities can better prepare students for the real business world
  • The role of plate tectonics in business and communications
  • What companies can learn from the academic world
  • The one question you MUST get answered in each and every client interview
  • How the TRIPIS model can transform your (or your client’s) organization
  • A deep dive on interpersonal and business communication
  • And…way…more…

What You Will Learn

Stephen Hobbs was interviewed by David Savage about his legacy and book Help Them Help YOU Manage-Lead.

Steve shared insights about
1) the importance of legacy and grandparents;
2) the importance of creating the well-living workplace; and
3) the usefulness of 9 educating approaches for managing and leading.

Steve shared stories – filling in background information about his work like meeting the solider in Uganda to serving as a white water rafting guide and wilderness remote first aid instructor.

His book Help Them Help You Manage-Lead – about 9 educating approaches useful to managing and leading in the workplace is available https://wellthmovement.com/book-hthy-manage-lead/

What You Will Learn

David B. Savage, author of Break Through To Yes, is interviewed on his just published 2016 book by Stephen Hobbs of WellthLearning on Blab. We examine the walls, complexity and separation in our world and organizations and offer pathways to a better shared future, service for people, planet and profit and personal and organizational legacy creating.

I was cited in the book as a contributor …