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Using the mapping technique TRIPIS to deliver extraordinary experiences – WHY?

Old Mapping mapping technique TRIPISMapping is one of the essential ways you can use – as an entrepreneur – to gain awareness of your organization of extraordinary experiences with your customers (and employees).

Are you ready, able and willing to evolve the delivery of your products and services – to deliver extraordinary experiences?

Through mapping, you obtain insights about the whole. Then you can lead each customer’s experience. Whereas when you use a plan you manage the systems of the customers’ experiences.

That written – remember – both mapping and planning are necessary – so do not throw the soap bar out with the water.

As a reminder MAP = Map to Agree, Agree to Plan – then make it so!

Business Transition and TRIPIS

Workplace Culture mapping technique TRIPISAnd when business transition is your current entrepreneurial story consider using the mapping technique TRIPIS to evoke win-move outcomes.

TRIPIS balances the “improvement – problem – concern” thinking with the “expansion – appreciation – joy” feeling.

TRIPIS involves asking one question to collect the words – the language – of your customers. Individual responses are used for group dialogue. And from the group consensus steps and actions are prioritized.

Therefore, TRIPIS is an intervention tool from the outset in the customers language unlike survey based tools where you have to wait for the summary in the language of the instrument.

A Visual for Mapping Technique TRIPIS

The following diagrams and text further define the elements of TRIPIS.

Use this link to open a two page overview Simple Visual Description of TRIPIS 2 pages

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