Two Key Influencers in Living Your Leadership Legacy (Awakening)

Time and Shift: It’s Now; Let’s Get it Done!

The amount of time you and I have is the same. 

It’s the actions you take within this time that highlight the outcomes of living your leadership legacy. The same is true for me!

It’s about action management. 

It’s the decisions you make and the actions you take that hinder or help you experience your leadership legacy. 

In addition, it’s the story of shift that leverages your leadership legacy. It’s the outcomes you achieved and the accomplished with others that will be remembered.

Always and in all ways shift happens! Get on with it!

Time and Shift from My Perspective 

I’ve navigated 61 years and 9 months on the planet when I wrote this article. 

A lot of that time was spent in waking and learning.

Some time was allotted in making and deciding. 

And a little less time than I planned was assigned to taking action. 

Today, as I awaken to my Next Fifty, I’m taking stock of the opportunities and possibilities before me. This awakening is like a ping on my phone. I’ve got mail!  

One great measure of my awakening is the length of the dash between my birth year and the approximate year of leaving.  

I’ve come to appreciate what the dash represents. That single, horizontal swipe projects considerable meaning and memories. And so far I’ve crammed a lot into it. 

And today, I decided I’m adding a second dash between the two years. Yes – I’m adding more living to my life and more life to my living. I’m entering my next fifty with a leadership flourish.

I’m going to turn time on its head and shift gears in living my leadership legacy. 

I start by shifting the way I write into my blog. 

Years Leading Others in Their Academic Writing

For 15+ years I graced the halls and online networks of academia. I served as a college lecturer and continuing education instructor. I guided doctoral learners to acquire their doctorates. I mentored and led them to completion of a writing project they started five to seven years before. 

I was greatly affected by these experiences. It was an honour to stand and sit among the learners guiding them forward. Some I nurtured along with a little more tact than others. A well honed skill for serving as an entrepreneur. 

During these years, my writing and speaking reflected the language nuances that went along with such work. You know! I was using $10, $20 even $50 words when a $1 word would suffice. I mean would do!

In 2014 I concluded that chapter of my life. I returned to the field – the practicalities of life. And yet, my academic writing style and language travelled with me. It framed my articles and books. And still does!

However, for the copious – whoops, many – books and blog posts to follow I’ll lean into a less formal, yet inviting writing style. You’ll be the judge. If you return for more, I must be doing it correctly.

That is, my leadership legacy will unfold through the words, diagrams and shapes I place on paper, on the computer screen, and on the audio and video files. My intention is to create something you will enjoy reading while learning about your next fifty legacy, life and leadership. 

My biggest ask is for you to decide to action this learning in being you for the world. And at some point let me know how it’s going. 

From Me to Your Leadership Legacy 

A leadership legacy exists in your life. Yes – it’s in you to share!

Your professional story moves from a geologist to mentor, lawyer to facilitator, candlestick maker to instructor.  

Your employment story moves from intern to supervisor, manager to department head, and leader to chief experience officer. 

Your life story moves from mechanic to world chess player, a shower wannabe singer to a playwright and plumber’s assistant digging ditches to a recreation officer in a country far, far away 

You’ve led others at work, in your volunteer work, with your family and as captain of your sports team. You’ve experienced what it means to lead. And hopefully, you’ve been led with truth, trust and transparency. 

Wherever you are in life, at work I ask you give consideration to your leadership legacy. 

Take the time to reflect. Action learning to experience the shift for you and those you mentor and facilitator forward.  

We’re calling you out! I’m calling you out! 

Your leadership legacy is required in the world today! 

Yes … it … is!

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About The Author

Dr. Stephen Hobbs is a Decision Mentor. He’s available to guide you as a business owner, entrepreneur, executive or team leader to make better decisions. He uses a mix of facilitating, coaching and mentoring to realize your outcomes ethically and in your words. An hour with Steve straightens out even the biggest decision so you can see the forest and the trees.


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