April 14, 2016

The Truth About the Legacy Topics Chosen for the WELLth Blog

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Legacy Categories WELLth BlogAbout your Legacy Categories – Why did you choose them for the WELLth Blog?

This question was posed by a reader. And to be honest – when asked, it surprised me.

Then again … these legacy categories makes sense to me. I’m in and around them everyday.

They guide the content curation for our articles and videos, and those of guests – maybe like you?

The associated legacy topics make sense as well. They are our truth borne of lived experience.

More so, they tickle our funny bone and enthuse us to give back to the community.


After reflection, I thought an answer to this question would make a great blog post. Because the response outlines the base concepts and practices upon which we focus our products, services and experiences.

As a starting point here is WELLth Movement’s Imagined Future:

Guide executives and managers – like you – to fully express your legacy …

As we see it unfolding … three possible scenarios:

legacy categories storyWe know people are living and working.
That’s given by simply showing up each day and doing the work.

However, does their work link to their legacy story?
The answer – is often NO!

When asked are they sharing their legacy story in their words, on their terms?
Again the answer is NO!

That means they’ve left their legacy story for others to voice.

Is that how it flows for you?

We’ve found a small group who said yes to mindfully setting out to work from their legacy. However, they added
they did not fully live and work from a legacy story that matches their needs, wants and desires.

There were holes in their approach, often unmet commitments dogged them and a feeling of incompleteness bothered them.

Are you one of this group?

legacy categories story Then we heard a third possibility.

One that is uplifting. Because the legacy story is spoken in words that resonate with continuance and caring.

You’ll hear the mindfulness of action. You’ll be touched by the heartfelt contributions that were made.

You sense they are fully expressing their legacy. And it’s based on purpose, power and process with the intention to see, feel and experience freedom, fulfillment and fun.

They are the director, producer, actor, writer, ticket seller of their legacy story.

Is this you?

If yes – we ask that you connect with us. Because we need educators. Whether through writing, videos and/or podcasts – we would like to share your story.

If the answer is no to the third possibility or the other two as well … then download the free book available at the end of this post. Then grab 15 minutes to chat with us. We’ll get you set up to fully express your legacy story in your words, on your terms.

We’ll serve as a guide on your ride

Our involvement, the website, this blog is for you.

As you read on you’ll figure out why we created our legacy categories.

They outline the placement of our articles, videos and podcasts for your use.
In this way you can find tips, tools and techniques to fully express your legacy.

Legacy Categories

The first five legacy categories are bundled 4 + 1.

Life Legacy, Leadership Legacy, Legal Legacy and Literacy Legacy are the four branches of legacy. The associated resources explain and describe the why, how and who aspects of leveraging your legacy story.

In addition, each branch is accessed through the navigation bar > Start Here > 4 Branches of Your Legacy Story. A great place to start your journey.

legacy categories storyLegacy Project is the carefully planned undertaking you use to fully express your legacy. There are many, many forms of legacy project. This category offers generic insights about developing and delivering your project. In addition, reference is made to legacy projects WELLth Movement educators have set in motion. They are projects you can join.

The next three legacy categories highlight creating the well-living workplace. The well-living workplace category covers general and specific articles. These resources position the concept and practices of the well-living workplace – a place of work where people live and work well together. It’s a suggested legacy project.

The managing and leading category covers topics linked to staff and customers, and volunteers and clients. Suggested topics include the dynamic exchange between managing and leading of organization(al) culture, engagement, reward & recognition, groups/teams, and much more. By adopting and adapting these insights you gain more understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure people navigation.

It’s not so much about what you did with people as it is about how they felt about what you did with them.

The mentoring, coaching and facilitating category contains insights about educating approaches you can use when managing and leading. The key to people navigation is the correct use of 9 educating approaches for managing and leading. We are skilled in five of the nine. We have associates who breathe life into the other four.

Next Fifty is a general category that covers living your great life and the conversations about living during your 50+ years.

The well-living world category extends you legacy project from a local perspective to a national and/or global perspective. Also, the concepts and practices of ecological literacy are shared that are useful in all legacy projects.

Because some executives and managers are grandparents, the grandparents and grandchildren category hints at the use of a legacy project as a way to nurture this relationship. Especially when involving grandchildren in the outdoors.

We’ll share our Legacy Project 444 – Write to Shade program. If you become involved great. If it serves as an example great – aWELLsome!

In Closing

This post is meant to present the legacy categories as base elements for your legacy story – like a map of the territory. However, it’s not the territory.

legacy categories storyYou are encouraged to dive into the legacy categories where you need more information. Thereupon you make the plan to use the map.

Also, it’s important to state “shift happens.” You know that. We know that! And time will reveal what happens to our map and your plan. Still – it’s a wonderful journey we can share together.

Always and in all ways we’re committed to keeping it simple and consistent.

And we’re open to your suggestions …

So it would seem …
We are fully expressing our legacy – we could use your assistance.
You’re expressing your legacy – we’re willing to assist you … we’re willing to learn from you.

Let’s have some fun together.

Make it a wellthy day,

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Moving Forward Together

Here is an invitation to download and read the free 21-page book: 9+1 Insights for Living From Your Life and Leadership Legacy


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