Attention: Grandparents, Parents, Family & Friends:

Trees Everyday --> Tree Trekking 

All about walking among the trees... about planting trees or funding the planting of the trees --- of the trees you helped plant, now you can walk among them 

Possibility Exists in Every Handshake - Fist Bump - Hand Dance,
When You Excite Involvement with Trees as Your Educator 

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We'll be reaching out to you to plant trees and/or fund the planting of trees.

Then, we encourage you to walk among the trees you helped plant - more so, trek around where your trees are planted to explore and discover the faction and fiction stories of "your trees".

We'll published tree trekking information for your consideration re safety practices for you and the trees.
Yet, please take a first aid course and gain outdoor skills relvant to your knowledge/skills for the place your visiting. 
Ensure a prevention mindset and prearation approach to your outdoor nature visits. 

Herein, is where we are asking all authors 
to donate a portion of their revenue 
to the planting of trees 
through any tree programming initiaitve of their choice. 

Send us an email updating us on your story 
Will give you a shout out on our Facebook page 
and other social media channels. 
And, will make a random draw each month 
for a wonderful and related gift from our ecocreators ))smiles 

Or, you could consider involving yourself 
with the WELLth Movement Tree Trekking/Tree Planting Program. 
More to follow on this program. 
You can use our Contact Page to ask a question or indicate your support.  

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Your decision to involve
your children/grandchildren - 
in the outdoors, with nature - 
with trees as your educator - 
encourages ~ contributes
in ways that has you 

  • recreate your extraordinary life,  
  • evolve your legacy,
  • eco-create the wellthy world,
  • co-create the well-living community
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Evolve Your Legacy -
ReCreate Your Extraordinary Life

One of the #treemendous commitments you can make as a parent/grandparent is to instil a love of nature and participation in the outdoors with your children and grandchildren. The in-the-moment benefits for health and wellness are documented. More so, the lessons learned through nature involvement lasts a lifetime - a legacy story worth sharing in words and actions.

Start today ...

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More books are on the way ...

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We're committed to support your wise allocation of time, effort, & money as you evolve your legacy.

We're here to guide you in recreate your extraordinary life and invite you to eco-create the wellthy world.

We guide you through the "5 Get to Give" stages of your life in the words of those involved, on your terms.

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