November 16, 2019

Decision to Become a Natural Educator Tree Stories 4619

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Tree Stories 4619 focuses on your decision to become a natural educator of your grandchildren (and family & friends) through the delivery of extraordinary nature-based experiences in 2020 ... 

It's important you make the decision with a heartfelt yes - a mindful yes - and body yes ... 

Let your heart - emotions guide you
Let your head - consciousness guide you
Let your body - move into nature 

And listen to what your grandchildren are asking [[yes, two ears, one mouth]]

The same for the rest of yourfamily and friends ... 

Often spoken, it's the first step that matters --- I share, more so it's the second step because NOW you're committed - and the courage to keep walking is an aWELLsome experience to share with your grandchildren. 


You could ask for a walking staff as a holiday gift? 
Then read: Tree Stories Appreciative Enquiry and Problem Inquiry​​​​ AND Being Natural by Chris Thomson

Chris Thomson Spain

As we sit in the grove of trees know
WELLth Movement guides inspired practitioners to become natural educators who deliver extraordinary experiences with their community of significance using eco-ethical architecture. 

Inspired Practitioners
_ Managers and Leaders in organizations of all types, sizes, and locations 
Parents & Grandparents looking to involve their children/grandchildren with nature

Natural Educators​
_ Facilitative Mentors
Navigators & Weavers

Extraordinary Experiences
_ Employees & Customers
_ Children and Grandchildren

Community of Significance
_ Elevate groups and teams (departments/units) to communities of significance 
_ Involve family and friends in nature-based activities to benefit of all & trees

Eco-Ethical Architexture
_ use of Ecological Literacy
_ use of Ethical Decision-Making
_ use of language that evolves love and compassion in being for the world

In Closing this installment of Trees + Children + Grandparents + Ecocreation + Stories ...
You are invited to become involved ... and so - - - - your comments are appreciated below.

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And, you are one decision away from becoming a natural educator, a facilitative mentor for your children's adventures with the natural world. 


Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Writer - Walk with Nature as My Educator
- Share the Legacy I Intend to Live

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