Written by Stephen Hobbs

Tree Stories Grandparent Involvement is an open letter - more so, a challenge to grandparents to find ways  to encourage - engage - evolve your grandchildren's involvement in nature - in the outdoors. 

And in what you do, let's connect so we can share your stories and activities with others - I'm collecting both with acknowledgement of gifts you share. 

Dear Grandparents ... 

You have a wellth of lived experience. Why not leverage that lived experience as elements of your legacy story ...?

How about encouraging - engaging - evolving your grandchildren in the outdoors - with nature if only in your backyard, the neighbourhood, woodlands near by, parks down the highway, and trips for wonderment and wanderment in the wild lands and regional// state// provincial parks!

Tree Stories Grandparent Involvement

I never met my grandparents. I'll not be called Grandfather in the familial sense. ​

I have an affinity for grandparents. I tip my hat to you and the difference you make in your grandchildren's lives (and your children's' lives) ... 

You are an essential element of the community you call family - friends - acquaintances because as an elder you know when things are tracking well (and when it's going off the tracks). 

Curious - have you read the statistics - seen the effect of technology on children today?

Have you heard how schools are moving their classroom activities outside? Where climates permit, a kindergarten may spend a whole semester outside.

Have you seen the rise in outdoor actiivites involving children and adults like planting trees? Cleaning up the urban forests? 

Are you involved somehow? 

Yes it's a Question of Time ... to get ready to go outside ... to play outside ... to return home and transition. And yet, isn't the smiles and jubilance worth the time? And look at yourself - rosy cheeks - a smile on your face - having learned something about the grandchildren and yourself?

Yes it's a Question of Effort ... of what you do outside merely walking is a fantastic way to see the sights - smell the smells - walk the walk. However, what would happen if you took a pencil and paper and listed9Drew) the trees you met? Took a magnifying glass and stopped and explored the ground - the bark - the flower? Took a bird book and named the birds you saw and looked up the bird sighting website in your area and entered your data? And that was for you? Imagine how the grandchildren would benefit ))smiles 

Yes, it can be a Question of Money ... to purchase tools and resources. And yet, there are libraries with great nature-based resources (if not asked them to stock these resources). Scan the internet for nearby organizations with free resources. Reach out to family & friends and ask what tools they have to borrow for an afternoon or weekend. 

AND SOON ... we'll have resources for you! 


What is an outdoor activity you and your grandchildren can participate together?
-[keep track of that activity and send us your notes/pics - we're collecting ideas to create free resources ...

What is a weekend activity you, the grandchildren, your children (and friends) can do together?  
-[keep track of that activity and send us your notes/pics - we're collecting ideas to create free resources ...

Which friends can you invite - who have some outdoor experience - to meet your grandchildren to share their stories and activities?

-[keep track of that activity and send us your notes/pics - we're collecting ideas to create free resources ...

Share your stories and activities through our Contact page ...
And if you have pictures and documents to share ... contact us through the
Contact page and ask for our email address.

We want to share your ideas with the world - one the reasons why we are setting up WELLth Publishing!

Closing ​​

Today is a great day to visit your tree friends with your grandchildren - family & friends - your community! When and where you all sing and dance, hug the trees, and generally have some simply serious fun!

From my head, heart, and hands ... 

today if the first day
hug a tree

today if the second day
hug another tree

today if the third day
let the tree hug you

today if you've hugged a tree
explore ways to encourage others
to find their first day

tree stories 1419

In Closing this instalment of Tree Stories Grandparent Involvement (4019) ...
You are invited to become involved ... and so - - - - your comments are appreciated below.

Today, how about using the social media buttons to share the blog post through your media channels? 

And, you are one decision away from becoming a natural educator a facilitative mentor for your children's adventures with the natural world. 

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_ use of language that evolves love and compassion in being for the world

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