October 12, 2019

Tree Stories Appreciation Enquiry and Problem Inquiry: Two Ends of the Same Stick

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Tree Stories Appreciation emphasizes the need to reframe conversations with children about nature, trees, and the ecosystems. 

It's easy to slip into conversations about the problems facing humanity (people and persons) and the environment (nature - trees - ecosystems) ... 

However, there are many appreciative aspects of humanity and environment to share as well. 

And, sometimes sharing the appreciative stories - at the same time - guide better understanding of the problem stories. 

The result - a wholistic action_outcome!

Issues and Tree Stories

It seems by default when you tell stories - talk about issues - you slip into talking about the problem and the feeling of concern = problem inquiry.

That is to find a solution for the problem and/or answer the question, as you lean into sorting it out for you and everyone.

I get it ... schooling talks - a lot - about problem inquiry and find the solution!

However, there is a shift to sharing stories about issues through appreciative enquiry.  

That is to share stories about what you appreciate and the feeling of joy associated with the issue. In order to sort it out you can do so by satisfying a craving or saving an irrational passion. 

Making a Point

  • There are issues - identified as problems and appreciations
  • Have problem inquiry (formal approach) to solve a problem and answer a question while sorting it out
  • Have appreciative enquiry (informal approach) to sort it out while satisfying a craving and saving an irrational passion 


Problem is one end of a stick and appreciation is the other end of the stick. That is, you cannot have one without the other - therefore, there is a time and place for each end ... more so, for every issue it's best to seek understanding of both ends of the stick for your ethical decision making ... 


After a rain in the spring - the stream is dirty - what is the problem? What is the appreciation? Of the action you are about to take, will it:

  1. Solve a problem 
  2. Answer a question 
  3. Sort it out
  4. Satisfy a craving
  5. Save an irrational passion 


As the days warm up, the road snow/ice turns to water and flows into the drainage system - the roads have been salted and sanded over the past couple of months - What is the problem? What is the appreciation? Of the action you are about to take, will it:

  1. Solve a problem 
  2. Answer a question 
  3. Sort it out
  4. Satisfy a craving
  5. Save an irrational passion 

Action Steps with Questions

  1. Pick an issue linked to nature - outdoors - ecosystem that is close to your home 
  2. List the problem elements of the issue
  3. List the appreciative elements of the issues
  4. Identify ways to expand what you appreciate (#3)
  5. Prioritize your list in #4
  6. Decide on three actions to expand on what you appreciate about the issue from #5
  7. Prioritize your #2 list
  8. Determine where your three actions in #6 deal with the prioritized list in #7
  9. Reorder your # 7 list after your #8 review
  10. Decide on three actions to deal with the problems you associate with the issue
  11. Take action according to #6 and #10
  12. Journal what happens 
  13. Reflect on what happened
  14. Journal your learning from the actions taken
  15. Share what you learned with others 
  16. Rinse and repeat with your list in #5 and #9
  17. Identify another issue and repeat the steps above (#1 through #16)
  18. Celebrate your learning - knowing - doing - having - being!

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Closing ​​

When you view an issue by the two ends of the stick you improve, focus, and strengthen being for the world!

It's a way of evolving your legacy whether as a parent - grandparent - family & friends - children grandchildren - your community ... many more legacy related articles on Wellth Blog 

From my head, heart, and hands ... 

the stick
reminds me
of two wolves

understand both
you understand

for which 
the steps forward 
are decided
by intention and attention
by appreciation and problem
by joy and concern
by enquiry and inquiry

as in nature
it's a wholistic response

tree stories appreciation enquiry problem inquiry
tree stories appreciation enquiry problem inquiry

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