Tree Stories 3619 encourages quiet breaths - deep breaths - adding to the wind in the trees 

We breathe - in and out! 

And yet, are you paying attention to the timing, depth, and strength of your breathes? 

tree stories 3619
tree stories 3619

I'm amazed at how much I take for granted my breathes ... 

It's when I take a deep breathe in and breathe out - in the fullness of that breathe do I feel something a different ...

Do it now!

See what I mean!

There are meditative breathes, intentional in timing and depth - used to strengthen your sight - to tune your body ... to grasp the consciousness that surrounds and passes through you. 

The breathes I enjoy are among the trees. I breathe in the essential oils - bathe in the forest scene ... 

And breathe out - in a way I contribute to the wind. I add my presence. I send my breathe into the forest so the trees might know me. I laugh! Wellthy!

tree stories 3619
well-living world 2718

From my head, heart, and hands ... 

breathe in
essence of the place
molecules of those attending 

breathe out
essence of your place
molecules of you sharing 

In Closing this instalment of Tree Stories 3619 ...
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Dr. Stephen Hobbs

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