August 31, 2019

Who is Walking with You When and Where You Tree Trek for Tree Stories 3419

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Tree Stories 3319 explores the real and imaginary companions who join you on your tree treks ...  

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For dog owners, dog walkers -
"Study Says Owning ((Walking)) a #Dog Can Boost Heart Health"
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I've walked dogs for years - some on leash, more times off leash. I've walked in assigned dog areas. I've walked along the sidewalks of neighbourhoods watching the dog's nose catch a sniff, respond to a bark, and hug my leg when unsure. 

Those times where I've enjoyed myself more is when walking - nay tree trekking - with the dog(s) in wildness - within the forests. With the caveat, the dogs where trained to stay close - no chasing wildlife! 

On these dog walks with the trees - in the forest - I had a companion.

Which got me thinking, "Who else accompanies me on these tree trekking experiences?" And what might be the benefits? 

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Tree Trek Companions

A family/friend joins you on the walk:
- someone younger - someone older - the same age
- someone with outdoor love - someone looking to appreciate nature
- someone unwell - someone running/jumping & climbing trees 
Ah --> the conversations, the perspectives shared - your realization of presence - your awareness of frustration - your soulful connection with this person(s)

An indirect social group - you are on a walk with people you're getting to know:
- those who share similar interests - walking - photography - drawing
- those cleaning up the woodland pathways after a storm or messing walkers
- those volunteering their time to support nature-based research
Ah --> sharing the excitement of exploration and discovery - completing the challenge of the day - the physical requirements of the walk in and out carrying extra equipment 

A direct social group - you are walking to complete a recreational task 
- orienteering for fun and/or a competition 
- day or multi day backpacking trip 
- viewing the mountain vistas from a tree-line hut
- birdwatching - taking a count for the local birdwatching club
Ah --> camaraderie - challenge - control - completion - connection - community 

With others or by yourself - in forests you helped plant - through tree planting or funding of tree planting ... and these experiences can be close to home or a way to travel
Ah --> to experience the trees and forests elsewhere - to satisfy curiosity - to reinforce a commitment to plant more whether directly or financially 

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Visit the Otherworld by yourself, with another, while dog walking 
- meet your unicorn
- interact with the wood nymphs
- vanquish a troll
- explore the nooks and crannies of nature in all of its splendour
- chat with what/who you believe is greater than you 
- walk with story characters as you explore a story line for young and old
Ah--> to be with your imagination - to explore your spirituality - to smile among the forest elements 

From my head, heart, and hands ... 

A ​trek
with whom
​A step
with why
A memory
of mystery

In Closing this instalment of Tree Stories 3419 ...
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