Tree Stories 2919 is about planting trees everywhere ... yes or no? 

On a rafting trip with eight 9-14 year young participants ... 

While floating and chatting - we stopped under some tall popular trees for lunch. Where, we built various kinds of rock sculptures to pass the time --> 

We ended this stop with skipping rocks ... 

Next stop, a beach - a walk up a rise, among a two large trees anchoring the bank to the prairie grassland ... 

I asked the group this question , "Is it important to plant trees everywhere? 

With youthful exuberance - "Yes, because and because and because!"

I said great - then, I asked, "Are there places where planting trees might be a hindrance?" [looking at the prairie grassland] ... 

Bouncing on his tip toes "Yes, Yes - there are no trees here - if we planted here we would not have this area!"

Couldn't resist - we exchanged a high five ))smiles 

And the conversation continued about diverse ecosystems ... and, the importance of trees.

My heart was filled with delight for this short exchange!

tree stories 2319

I ask you the same question, "Is it important to plant trees everywhere?"

To be honest - I had not thought about it.

With all of the articles talking about trees and carbon capture - it seems like a reasonable idea. 

Then I went - hold on - let me rethink where to plant trees.

From my head, heart, and hands ... 

See that tree
a member of the forest

See that tree
a member of the savannah

See that tree 
ready to be planted

Ask the question
where do I plant it?

workplace transition 0219
tree stories1419

In Closing this instalment of Tree Stories 2919 ...
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