Tree Stories 2819 includes an introduction to the connection between childhood and elderhood - and their intergenerational links 

It's with sadness I read the reports from researchers and practitioners of the disconnect between ourselves and nature. 

That is - we are spending less time outdoors - connected with real nature. 

I appreciate how virtual reality is adding to our understanding - our experience of nature - when cost and where distance does not allow for the real experience. Visiting Nemo in the depths of the Pacific, having breakfast with a giraffe, and visiting a sloth sanctuary in South America connect us - virtually. 

What about closer to home - in our backyards - in our parks down the street - in the larger parks a short drive away? What about walking among the trees, pushing the shrubs to the side and glancing into the bushes, laying beside a flower and watching the comings and goings?


To experience the childlikeness of outdoor activity like standing barefoot in the grass - wiggling your toes. 

Sitting with your back against a tree - watching the cloud cinema for the shapes and hews of whales and grey. 

Picnicking with family and friends - laughing with the playfulness of children. 

Finding places where animals move through the tall grasses - where they sit and munch - rest and relax.

Where do YOU see the Childhood of Nature?


To experience the elderlikeness of nature ... 

Notice the older trees and the shade they offer among the vibrancy of younger saplings pulled skyward.

See the planted perennial gardens - the established lawns compared with the gardens of annuals and the lawns replacing those scoffed with use.

Turn the mirror on yourself and see your elderhood advancing or celebrate its presence - and what does that mean for your involvement with nature - your evolvement through nature? 

Where do you see the Elderhood of Nature?

Mixing All Stories

Now - recognize the intergenerational story of childhood and elderhood.

For you ... see how both offer opportunities to listen to learn, to share to educate.

Notice how both transition to the other in the circle of recreating your extraordinary life. 

Where does the same story play itself out in all of nature? With flora? With fauna? And the integration of flora and fauna ... 

From my head, heart, and hands ... 

A child I am
Arriving ... exploring
Falling ... giggling 
Too fast in my search
for adulthood

I am an adult 
Arriving ... discovering
Moving ... giggling
Too fast in my search
for morehood

An elder am I
Arriving ... exploring
Sharing ... giggling
With just too much to share
from my elderhood

write for shade 0319
workplace transition 0219

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