Tree Stories 2419 is about the importance of nested systems ... picture the Russian doll-inside-the-doll - Matryoshka 

From our ecoliteracy series ... 

This week's topic is "nested systems" ... the previous topics were "cycles", "flow", "development", "dynamic balance

Your tree stories - when you reflect on them - are nested inside one another like the Matryoshka ... the largest doll is called "mother" and the smallest is called "seed". 

Your origin story ... your seed story ... there are parallels here with the stories of Gaia and how each of is borne - we grow ... we recycle.

More so - our stories are nested within others's stories ... family stories - work stories - friendship stories - the I-don't-want-to-remember stories - the stories of major events and achievements/accomplishments ... 

In the picture below - see the nested systems - even you looking at the picture.

well living world 1519


The fifth ecoliteracy tenet in the series of seven is "nested systems" ...

Nested - the home of birds nurturing little ones, even squirrels, and _ a) _ b) _ c) _ (what examples of animals and there nested systems did you find?);
the place of intrigue (a nest of spies); and,
the smaller objects inside the larger objects like a series of nested tables

Systems - a set of things working together - parts of a whole or a whole of a whole; the whole of complexity; and an organized scheme 

Grandparents and Dynamic Balance

And so ... where and when might you encounter different illustrations of nature (and living life) highlighting nested systems with or without your involvement: 

  • birds nests - see them, think about them, leave the nests alone ... and explore how birds impact natural systems where you live 
  • bee hive - look up how bees live together - their nested system ... and explore how bees impact the natural systems where you live and ask your grandmother where the honey for her tea came from 
  • raindrop to ocean - it's complete journey
  • cells to organs to body - your body
  • the story of you, the Earth with the Sun in the galaxy inside the universe 
  • chairs nested under the dining room table until the next meal; yet out of the way to ease movement around the room 
  • seeds - sprouts - seedlings - mature - ancient trees
  • food system
  • waste system 
  • weather system
  • the food system inside the waste system inside the weather system
  • family system - How do you cook a celebration meal? - What is include? What is passed down from earlier generations? What is added new for the next time the meal is cooked? 
  • the twitter message - that becomes a face book message - that becomes a blog article - that becomes an Amazon bestseller - that guides a child in Mali to become a doctor who returns to her town/village to update the health care system

    And, your suggestion is: ______________

Moving into Education Suggestions

Like cycles and flow, look for ways to appreciate nested systems in your life - at work - when volunteering - your health & wellness - when playing and recreating ...

Look for the "meaningful pattern recognition" 

  • When you see a pattern - you can recognize it - and give it meaning.
  • When you seek to understand something (give it meaning) - can you discern a recognizable pattern?
  • Where you see a pattern - what meaning do you assign it in case you see it again or want to replicate it? 
  • Another of your creation ____________
tree stories1419

Educating - Learning Cycle

If you have a deeper interest in your experience of "nested systems" - consider learning about the Educating-Learning Cycles ... Reference: Types

And if you were to explain the learning cycle
while exploring/discovering a topic
about NESTED SYSTEMS in nature, because of nature,
your artful representation of nature ...
Consider how deep and rich the experience of learning (the process)
and the subsequent retention/use of the learning (the takeaways) could be ... 

From my head, heart, and hands ... 

Learn about nested systems
Learn about the nests
Learn about the systems
Learn about the parts of the whole
Learn about the whole of the whole 

tree stories 2219
tree stories 2019
tree stories 2119

In Closing this instalment of Tree Stories 2419 ...
You are invited to become involved ... and so - - - - your comments are appreciated below.

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