Tree Stories 2319 is about understanding life and its associated dynamic balance(s) of living ... 

From our ecoliteracy series ... 

This week's topic is "dynamic balance" ... the previous topics were "cycles", "flow", "development"  

  • Dynamically balance -
    dynamically balancing 
  • Balance dynamically -
    balancing dynamically 

The video above may require patience ... it's a thick and rich - and thorough - explanation/description of ecological equilibrium (balance) ...

Life - what distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter via growth, reproduction, function, and transition because of change (various dictionaries)

Living - a decisive action_outcome expression of life - making a home - remaining alive

About --> existence ... living things ... way of days spent ... period of usefulness ... vitality ... moving spirit ... biography-legacy ... way of the world ... become active ... livelihood ... 

Life Living - Living Life is about dynamic balance ... in every decision made with the associated actions, your outcomes influence living your extraordinary life - co-creating the well-living workplace - evolving your legacy - eco-creating the wellthy-wealthy world ...

Therefore you are in dynamic balance
among me-myself-and I,  
between you and you, 
between you and others,
between you and your circumstances,
between you and the planet
- and more!

AND, when does "you" move from singular to plural in your heart's eye?
Truly - a dynamic balance!


The fourth ecoliteracy tenet in the series of seven is "dynamic balance" ...

Dynamic - shift, progress, activity
Balance - stability, footing, steadiness

Not ...
like the weigh scales of produce for payment at the supermarket checkout - 
like the exchange of panned gold for life essentials during the gold rush -
like balancing a tire on a car 

Or ... the image of the blindfolded woman holding the scales of justice.
It is not a fair representation of dynamic balance on first glance ... while there is the hope of balance to prove innocence or guilt, those same scales can wobble between one person and another, for the same incident, the outcome can be different (which might be called dynamic imbalance). 

There is dynamic balance

  • within fitness exercises when moving from one position to another (from one foot to another) -
  • within mechanical engineering when wet laundry enters the spin cycle - 
  • within ecological systems between herbivores and carnivores - 
  • within communities to maintain a relatively steady state while dealing with fluctuations (e.g., among people who give and who get)

Grandparents and Dynamic Balance

And so ... where and when might you encounter different illustrations of nature (and living life) highlighting dynamic balance with or without your involvement: 

  • consider - when walking in nature - what would happen if you - as a human being - intervened some how in that moment?
  • logging type by scale
  • bees polinating flowers
  • fire type by vegetation type
  • dam on a river
  • moon creating tides
  • beaver dam on a stream/creek
  • building a road 
  • trees: Co2 in, O2 out 
  • bird feeders
  • feeding geese bread in the park 
  • preservation as is
  • conversation with harvesting 
  • recycling 
  • water shed - water use  
  • agroforestry
  • your birth and death
  • give and get
  • population growth as dynamic (im)balance 

    And, your suggestion is: ______________
tree stories 2319
tree stories 2219

Porcupines in dynamic balance via a Story of Their Intimacy (<-- click for source)

... the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer would limn this central paradox of intimacy in the philosophical allegory of the porcupine dilemma: In the cold of winter, a covenant of porcupines huddle together seeking warmth. As they draw close, they begin wounding each other with their quills. Warmed but maimed, they instinctually draw apart, only to find themselves shivering and longing for the heat of other bodies again. Eventually, they discover that unwounding warmth lies in the right span of space — close enough to share in a greater collective temperature, but not so close as to inflict the pricks of proximity.

Moving into Education Suggestions

Like cycles and flow, look for ways to appreciate dynamic balance in your life - at work - when volunteering - your health & wellness - when playing and recreating ...

Look for the "meaningful pattern recognition" 

  • When you see a pattern - you can recognize it - and give it meaning.
  • When you seek to understand something (give it meaning) - can you discern a recognizable pattern?
  • Where you see a pattern - what meaning do you assign it in case you see it again or want to replicate it? 
  • Another of your creation ____________
write tree

Educating - Learning Cycle

If you have a deeper interest in your experience of "dynamic balance" - consider learning about the Educating-Learning Cycles ... Reference: Types

And if you were to explain the learning cycle
while exploring/discovering a topic
about DYNAMIC BALANCE in nature, because of nature,
your artful representation of nature ...
Consider how deep and rich the experience of learning (the process)
and the subsequent retention/use of the learning (the takeaways) could be ... 

From my head, heart, and hands ... 

Eco-create the dynamic balance
Eco-create the balance dynamic
Eco-create for dynamically balancing
Eco-create for balancing dynamically
Eco-create living your life 
Eco-create living life
Eco-create life

tree stories 2219
tree stories 2019
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In Closing this instalment of Tree Stories 2319 ...
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