May 11, 2019

Trees As Witnesses to You Speaking and Sharing Responsively for Tree Stories 1919

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Tree Stories 1919 is about sharing - speaking ... with others with trees as your witness 

about the action_outcome of "speak responsively - share responsively". And one of the best places to practice speaking/sharing responsively is with the trees and among trees with others. 


When I wanted to have a great conversation with myself - instead of going out behind the barn - I discovered time among the trees - whatever the season - helpful.

When the trees are my witness - it seems - truth, trust, and transparency guides my inner conversation. 

Because I felt the trees asked that of me. And, they did the same in return. There is no reason for them to do otherwise. 

write shade 0819
I appreciate the grove of trees - where we meet - is a place of speaking and sharing truth --> trust and transparency    

Thinking Out Loud - Speaking/Sharing with Others

As I moved my work with others among the trees, I noticed something profound. The occurrences of truth, trust, and transparency became two-way. Others who joined me - and I with them - we felt the trees witnessed our conversations. 

This observation was true because I asked my fellow tree trekkers.
They agreed! Even the skeptics ... 

And so began the journey of sharing and speaking with the trees when the difficult topics arose. When someone needed to share something - I listened with them. When they requested I share thoughts - we knew the green sentinels guided our conversations. 

Well-Living World 1818
Upon reflection, the thoughts-to-ideas I shared, and the expression of those ideas became deeply resonant with me, myself and I.  And so began a deeper soulful and spiritual connection I nurture everyday.

A Place for Speaking - Sharing Responsively through Tree Stories

When I interacted with others through instructing wilderness remote first aid, serving as a white water rafting guide, and facilitating corporate outdoor group and team development activities - I felt alive and free.

Those present listened - they participated - they laughed - they shared examples of problems and appreciations worth improving, focusing, and strengthening for themselves as persons, their interactions with those present, and later when they went back to work (and returned home).

I know of the later because of the thank you cards and emails, testimonials, and a few times in the grocery store when they shared their learn-actions while choosing an avocado.  

These TUs are appreciated. And when present, I remind both us of the importance of the trees who accompanied us. For those times when the note or email appeared, I took the message to the trees and shared the sentiment of the note. 

I'm better as a natural educator because of the trees - the participation of others. 

As I grow into my elder-hood - while sharing tree stories - there is more I can learn from the trees. For this reason I'm moving my legacy restory into the forest where the trees can eco-write the stories, eco-educate the NEWS of the day, and where we jointly eco-serve persons seeking themselves as individuals (being natural) and together in communities (being planetary)

Let the trees bear witness to this intention - and let them celebrate in the involvement of the children accompanied by their parents and grandparents, family and friends, and the community who helps raise them. 

tree stories 1919 Well-Living World 2018

From my head, heart, and hands ... 

Green sentinels
stand as witnesses
listening, and sharing

I nurture their involvement 
As does Willi'm with Etre
seeding their story
within and without of your story,
between your story and my story,
our restory together and beyond

Nurture their involvement
stand with them
sit among them
ask your question
share ​thanks
for the response

Green sentinels 
your thoughts
your actions
your truth

In Closing this instalment of Tree Stories 1919 ...
You are invited to become involved ... and so - - - - your comments are appreciated below.

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Signing off from Tree Stories 1919


Dr. Stephen Hobbs

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