Using Your Map and Compass to Navigate the Trees and Forest for Tree Stories 1619

Written by Stephen Hobbs

Tree Stories 1619 has you reflect on the map and compass you use to navigate the trees and forest from two perspectives: touchable without and imaginative within. 


The use of a map and compass have served me well over the years. 

From navigating from one place to another while hiking through laying forestry survey lines to identify type and coverage of trees in an area. 

More importantly, the concept of map and compass has supported my ethical decision making re living my extraordinary life and co-creating well-living workplaces.

I would say, "A Map and Compass Are Useful Tools and Techniques for My Within and Without Aspects of Living Life."

Let me elaborate ... 

~~~ Without ... the tangible, touchable, outside in

Consider the recreational activity and sport of orienteering (Wikipedia reference). It relies on maps and compasses to navigate a course. 

Decisions are made of how to complete the course mindful of time and effort efficiency. The map gives you the sense of the terrain and the compass guides the movement. 

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Everyday you have access to maps and compasses to navigate your movement. From the GPS in your vehicle to the mental map of your home location against streets and avenues, roads and nodes, markers and landmarks, edges and pathways.

Learning the concepts and practices of using maps and compasses serve you well. And, your maps and compasses can be upgraded with intention and courage.

Of importance - especially today - is for children to gain awareness of surroundings, orientation to NEWS directions, enhancing spatial/visual learning, and locating oneself if lost through the use maps and compasses. Life after all is like orienteering ))smiles 

For suggested learning activities - type in Google: "map compass children" and you can access activity instructions and videos.

Also, in the workplace think of map - as a blueprint; compass - as the tools and techniques available; the two together offer a perspective - a pathway to organize the work. Likewise you can improve, focus, and strengthen your workplace blueprints, plans, tools, techniques, and technologies.

Segue Sidebar - from Without to Within:
Steven Pressfield - a writer helping writers - wrote a blogpost in which he included a story about a map from the book Bugles and The Tiger, John Masters:

A Ghurka rifleman escaped from a Japanese prison in south Burma and walked six hundred miles alone through the jungles to freedom. The journey took him five months, but he never asked the way and he never lost the way. For one thing he could not speak Burmese and for another he regarded all Burmese as traitors. He used a map and when he reached India he showed it to the Intelligence officers, who wanted to know all about his odyssey. Marked in pencil were all the turns he had taken, all the roads and trail forks he has passed, all the rivers he had crossed. It had served him well, that map. The Intelligence officers did not find it so useful. It was a street map of London

~~~ Within ...  intangible, imagined, inside out

Your inner map includes your beliefs and assumptions, opinions and perceptions, your lived experience and making sense of the situation via your intended outcomes. 

Your compass includes the tools and techniques you know and practiced, which inform your learning for decision making and the selection of possible actions you can take.  

Your personal map and compass frame your point of view (POV).

However, your POV is not a map of the territory - that is, how you experience the world is not necessarily how the world is. It's your interpretation! 

And "I - you - we" use words, images, symbols, and shapes to describe and explain our interpretations. Herein, lies the challenge of moving within to without.

As "we" converse, "Can you understand my within-to-without and I yours?" ... because now we are sharing the between that sets up a shared map and compass:
See my video of the Mannequin Model and Mentoring (specific reference: 12:25 to 16:27+) 

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Seth Godin and Chicken mapping business

Trees and Forest

The literal "without" use of trees and forest - map and compass - movement in the touchable world is evident everyday as markers and edges. Even then, you can get lost among the trees and in the forest. Knowing your direction and appreciating your movement are critical elements of your everyday decision making. 
Metaphorically, trees and forest are the singular events and the events nested in each other that require knowing your direction and appreciating your movement. Otherwise, overwhelm creeps in, confusion slips through the cracks, and you find yourself in a place of ignorance, complacency and/or doubt.

Knowing your without guides your within
just as your within guides your without. 

The literal "within" use of trees and forest - map and compass - movement in the imaginative world is picturesque. The trees are the sentinels opening ways into the forest where challenge abounds that require creative sensing, unconventional learning, and intuitive confirmation.
Metaphorically, trees and forest are the thoughts and non-conscious mind that offer direction and appreciation for your decisions to make it so, so IT is. In doing so, you encourage enthusiasm to well up, gratitude to spring forth, and grace to tickle your soul.

Walk among the trees ...
walk in the forests ...
see these living things ...
see their literal and metaphoric contributions
to you being for the world with confidence.  

Of these within stories, what might the without story become?

Of the trees and forest before you, 
What are the without and within stories that light a direction and initiate your movement? 

From my head, heart, and hands ... 

This tree

that forest 
those trees
Unfold ways forward
when I
without within
within without

Their essence
my essential influence
between together beyond  

life legacy grandchildren zen

In Closing this installment of Tree Stories 1619 ...
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