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Celebrating and appreciating eco-creators who through their chosen mediums share and educate their neighborhood, the nation, the world about the trees of the world - and who encourage the children and youth to play among the trees.

They bring attention and intention to the trees. They awaken our awareness of the importance of trees. 

Possibility Exists in Every Handshake - Fist Bump - Hand Dance,
When You Excite Involvement with Trees as Your Educator 

Tree Projects by Others - Eco-Creators


Shauna Liora - Fire and Ink artist - then adds adventure and nature images ->

How the fire art is made - a quick peek in the YouTube video below -> 

Click an image below to be taken to her website...
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Shauna Liora
Shauna Liora

April Pescott_Dance-Whenever
April Pescott_-Aspen-Spring
April Pescott_Woodland-Friends

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