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Celebrating and appreciating eco-creators who through their chosen mediums share and educate their neighborhood, the nation, the world about the trees of the world - and who encourage the children and youth to play among the trees.

They bring attention and intention to the trees. They awaken our awareness of the importance of trees. 

Possibility Exists in Every Handshake - Fist Bump - Hand Dance,
When You Excite Involvement with Trees as Your Educator 

Tree Projects - Eco-Creators


Shauna Liora - Fire and Ink artist - then adds adventure and nature images ->

How the fire art is made - a quick peek in the YouTube video below -> 

Click an image below to be taken to her website ... 
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Shauna Liora
Shauna Liora

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Your decision to involve
your children/grandchildren - 
in the outdoors, with nature - 
with trees as your educator - 
encourages ~ contributes
in ways that has you 

  • recreate your extraordinary life,  
  • evolve your legacy,
  • eco-create the wellthy world,
  • co-create the well-living workplace
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workplace dynamics

Evolve Your Legacy -
ReCreate Your Extraordinary Life

One of the #treemendous commitments you can make as a parent/grandparent is to instil a love of nature and participation in the outdoors with your children and grandchildren. The in-the-moment benefits for health and wellness are documented. More so, the lessons learned through nature involvement lasts a lifetime - a legacy story worth sharing in words and actions.

Start today ...

Legacy Book Cover 9+1

More books are on the way ...

Here is a selection of topics to guide our conversation - your learning about involving/evolving your children and grandchildren in the outdoors.
Read our Blog for more knowledge and skill insights.

  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Develop Influence
  • Keep Commitments
  • Deal with Issues
  • Solve Problems
  • Manage Systems
  • Map Strategy
  • Use Facilitative Mentoring 
  • Share Responsively
  • Improve Health
  • Drive Honesty
  • Encourage Caring
  • Embrace Harmony
  • Encourage Self-Care
  • Develop Action Plan
  • Use Navigative Weaving
  • Listen Consciously
  • Give to Get Perspective
  • Give to Get Clear
  • Give to Get Support
  • Give to Get Movement 
  • Take Action
  • Expand Appreciations
  • Use Instructive Coaching

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We're committed to support your wise allocation of time, effort, & money as you evolve your legacy.

We're here to guide you in recreate your extraordinary life and invite you to eco-create the wellthy world.

We guide you through the "5 Get to Give" stages of your life in the words of those involved, on your terms.

Get Perspective
Get Clear
Get Support
Get Results
Get Movement/Profit

Jack Riley

He is much more of an artist as he weaves a tapestry of thought and action together into a seamless living piece of artwork ...

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