August 4, 2022

TRACK Physical Indicators of Mentoring

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TRACK Physical Indicators of Your Mentoring Approach

00:01 Introduction 

03:11 Mentoring Approach

04:21 Physical Indicators
Physical — relating to things perceived through the senses as opposed to the mind; tangible or concrete
Physical — involvement though activity – quality of interaction
Physical — expressiveness, fluidity, spontaneity, playfulness

09:18 TRACK — fibers-threads-strings-cords-ropes — your mentoring approach

T - Tolerance — transition (shift, becoming) -and- tradition (stability, belonging) — traveling
R - Readiness — resistance – resilience/resourence – routine/ritual

With Tolerance and Readiness there is a component of this that needs to be heightened when dealing with someone who is struggling with mental health. Your Tolerance must be in a state of Readiness at all times.

A - Activity (Practice) — authority – acknowledgement – awareness
C - Commitment — capability-competence-capacity – challenge-creation

With Activity and Commitment - have the basis of movement, coupled with Tolerance and Readiness - you are moving along the path that is supported by Kindness

K - Kindness (Caring) — kinship 

25:35 5 Considerations:
TRACK practice - discover and shape the fitness of your mentoring
TRACK the art of evolving through the practice of involving 
TRACK the origin of your mentoring practice
TRACK the possibility of your mentoring practice
TRACK your traveling companions - who is coming with you? 

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