April 7, 2022

Top 3 Recommendations about Reviewing and Evaluating Mentoring

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What are the Top 3 Recommendations about Reviewing and Evaluating Mentoring?

Topics Covered

00:01 Introduction
01:50 Deepening practice What does it mean "to deepen one's practice as a mentor mentoring based on mentorship?" weave in mentee perspective Doug and Stephen in open chat
08:11 What does it mean to review? to look now, see now, consider - formative, along the way - qualitative to quantitative
09:50 examine (something) formally with the possibility or intention of instituting shift (continue, stop, start) if necessary, in the time and place
12:10 What does it mean to evaluate? form an idea of the amount, number, or value of - summative, at a marker - quantitative to qualitative
13:15 assess (something) formally with the the intention of instituting edits (add, alter, delete) if necessary because of time and place Connection - Competition - Collaboration between Review and Evaluate
14:35 Connection - two sides of a coin Cannot have one without the other Short shift one - issues can arise
15:32 Competition - two ends of a stick Use one more than the other - issues can arise
17:05 Evaluate has a historical to present (for the future) flavor Review has a mysterical to present (for the future) flavor
18:34 Collaboration - ways and means to improve, focus, and strengthen practice for mentor and mentee both individually helpful, useful, and eventful Collaboratively more so Clarity and confidence Avoid the waste time, effort, and money 3 Recommendations about Why and How to Review and Evaluate Mentoring
21:08 1: Outcome - by meaning of experience timing of which one for what reason review in time - reflect in - in the moment evaluate on time - reflect on - about the time physical//mental safety - mentor soulful/spiritual safety - mentoring wholversical safety - mentorship Video reference:
24:09 2: Response - type of conversation - words matter to improve, focus, strengthen improve worth - helpful focus truth - eventful strengthen utility - useful
The use of feedback, feed-forward, feed-fromward involvement and evolvement 
28:09 3: Relationship as is, shift to something else along the journey - status about connection check at destinations - places of respite about connection check
29:46 Think journey --- review - formative Think destination --- evaluate - summative

36:06 Quora Question Q: How do you provide effective mentorship? A: Good question. For me, it is all about building a trusting relationship with the person I am spending time with in a mentoring relationship. Effective mentoring is about a two-way trusted relational arrangement where the mentor and mentee will both learn and grow personally and professionally. It is a relationship based on trust and respect for what each brings to that relationship. It is about understanding what the needs are of the person you are mentoring and ensuring that you are bringing value to the relationship. It is about knowing the questions to ask to stimulate critical thinking. It is also about not telling or giving answers to problems, but guiding the mentee to the answers. In today’s mentoring world, it is about being aware of mental health challenges and the course of action that you may have to take. I obviously could go on for a while longer, but there is so much more to mentoring than what most people understand. It truly is a gift, and effective mentoring is a life-changing experience.

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