March 24, 2016

Time Start Legacy Project with Grandchildren

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how to create a legacy projectWhy Now Is a Great Time to Start a Legacy Project With Your Grandchild

Grandparent-Grandchildren Relationship

In this relationship between grandparents and grandchildren stories and challenges unfold that bring meaning to both. Sometimes the meaning is immediate, sometimes later, and certainly upon passing of one or the other.

The grandparent-grandchildren link invites connection and caring.

The grandparent experiences the world through the eyes and words of their grandchild/grandchildren. There is joy in seeing things anew or often for the first time. Grandchildren are a gift just as they offer gifts everyday.

“Adults have not learnt everything until children have taught them something.”

“Grandparents have not learnt everything until their grandchildren have guided them somewhere.”

In many ways grandchildren mentor their grandparents. Such a story unfolds with the rapid integration of personal and familial technology. To stay connected, to experience the world together technology is woven into their relationship. Sharing a story by Skype because of distance is an image frequently displayed.

WELLther life legacy projectAs grandchildren tap into the lived experience of their grandparents they gain insights into lessons learned, successes achieved and dreams unclaimed. And together new or revised dreams become reality. Travel is one way they can share their imagined dreams. Elderhostel’s Road Scholar and National Geographic are examples.

Together grandparents and grandchildren can create something to strengthen their relationship. That something could be his simple as it could be complex. Like walking in the nearby park(s) in the morning looking at the trees and birds to supporting and communicating with the child in another country.

Another level of heartfelt contribution is with the family or community. They can create a family storybook of historical events that can span hundreds of years by continuing to add what unfolds tomorrow. They can involve themselves in a community project benefiting a charitable organization focused on eco-conscious glocal (global-local) activities like CPAWS or Tree Story Films or Children and Nature.

The Relationship Is Not Without Issues

The bond created through the grandparent grandchildren connection is a forever. However, it’s not without its issues. Some issues are brought forward by

  • the grandparent such as distance, mobility, availability, etc.
  • the grandchildren such as desire, technology, access, etc.
  • the parents who are already maxed and adding the grandparents’ wishes to the family calendar mix can lead to frustration, hurt and confusion.

Other dynamics include:

  • grandparent and grandparent disagreements;
  • grandchildren and grandchildren disagreement;
  • parents in life dispute;
  • parent and grandparent disagreements;
  • step grandparent involvement;
  • grandparents as primary nurturer,
  • and read more here.

These points are meant to inform not cast a wet blanket over an awesome relationship. They are meant to encourage dialogue necessary to strengthen the grandparent-grandchildren experience.

Sharing Insights With You, The Grandparent

leadership legacy familyAs a grandparent it’s important you navigate and loverage ways to contribute to the dynamics of the parenting and family.

When your involvement is seen as overpowering or overshadowing the parenting, disputes arise that affect everyone, especially the grandchildren.

Instead, it’s about your contribution from confidence. Find the appropriate ways to contribute from a place of confidence. Remember your grand-parenting augments the parenting.

And yet, when safety becomes an issue, action is required. However, your action is neither an excuse to overwhelm nor a stick to make a point.

Supporting You to Grand-Parent

I write this article from a place of looking in without direct experience. Therefore, this article is for you as it is for me. I gain more understanding of those I decide to serve.

grandparents legacy projectAlways and in all ways I welcome your insights from your lived experience as a grandparent and possibly as a grandchild.

In return, I can serve as your legacy guide and/or legacy celebrant. I can guide you on developing and delivering a legacy project with your grandchildren.

You can use a legacy project to frame, learn and decide what actions you take for your mutual contribution. As a grandparent let your grandchildren learn what it means to give and receive with you. Start small! Go big! Learn together! Laugh together! Have fun together!

Most of all, together you and our WELLth Educators can acknowledge and expand your contributions as a grandparent. We can improve and strengthen your grand-parenting approach.

Let’s connect! We invite your involvement in being you for the world. We invite you as our educator. We invite you to live your great life and together co-create the well-living world.

Now is a Great Time to Start a Legacy Project with Your Grandchildren.

Legacy is forgiving. Legacy is in you to share!

Make it a wellthy day,

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

PS … a personal connection to your grandparent-children story. 

I never met my grandparents. Nor will I have grandchildren. Yet, my legacy involves guiding grandparents to fully express their legacy … especially with their grandchildren.

I ask to learn and experience this familial aspect of my life. And thereby serve as a foster grandparent.

And therefore …

  • I ask to tap into the “lived history” you share with your grandchildren and family.
  • I ask to experience the “living mystery” you experience with involvement of your grandchildren especially from an eco-conscious, environmentally-friendly perspective.
  • I ask your permission to share what I see, feel and experience from your relationship to benefit others near and far, virtually and real.

Moving Forward Together

Here is an invitation to download and read the free 21-page book:
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