Giving Tree Legacy

The Giving Tree:

A story about a tree that highlights giving … truly it’s a Tree Legacy Story

Shel Silverstein wrote The Giving Tree (1964).

Great book for grandparents and grandchildren …
worth a read and a listen. 


A reading of the Giving Tree via You Tube:

Read an interpretation of The Giving Tree

The Feature picture was found:

The picture shown above is the front cover art for the book The Giving Tree written by Tom Brady.
The book cover art copyright is believed to belong to the publisher, Harper & Row, or the cover artist, Richard Sherman. From:

Legacy is for giving. It’s in you to share!

Make it a wellthy day,

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Moving Forward Together

Here is an invitation to download and read the free 21-page book:

WELLth Movement:

Guide 55-75 year young executives, employees and entrepreneurs who are grandparents
_in the use of ecological literacy concepts and practices
__to eco-create the well-living world by
___creating well-living workplaces with the involvement of their staff, volunteers and/or customers, and
___living their great lives with the involvement of their grandchildren in outdoor activities with trees

Support evergreen funding for 9 children and trees projects around the world
via The Minstrel Ways Fund at The Calgary Foundation (donor-directed fund set up in 2004)


Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Writer - Walk with Nature as My Educator
- Share the Legacy I Intend to Live

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