August 11, 2022

The Business of Mentoring

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Business of Mentoring

00:01 Introduction
03:44 Business
06:04 Mentoring

10:38 10 Business Essentials
1)) Clients and Customers
2)) Products, Services, and Experiences
3)) External Communication - Internal Conversations
4)) Resources - Time, Effort, Money
5)) YOU, You and Who travels with you

6)) Market, Message, Media Mix
7)) Technology and Techniques
8)) Finances and Assets
9)) Governance and Standards
10)) Manage Safe Systems and Lead Safer Practices 

37:30 5 Considerations
1)) Just because you can doesn’t mean you should
2)) New to mentoring - seek certification = confirmation of mentor competence
3)) Value the approach of mentoring and the lived experience you can share
4)) Develop/Use your decision tree of Yes, No, and remain alert to Po!
5)) You are growing and developing as a mentor - edit (add, alter, delete) continuously

Credit: Po - Edward deBono!

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