Event Testimonials

Here is a sample of event/experience testimonials from WELLth Movement customers and clients.

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Event Testimonials

The following event testimonials illustrate the consistent comments received over the years through end-of-program evaluations and unsolicited notes. 

Strategy & Culture
Merger & Acquisition - Workplace Culture, Organization of Work

Over the past eight years Cervus Equipment Corporation has been acquiring business-to-business equipment dealerships growing from fifteen to seventy-two locations across three countries. Each of the business acquired have ranged from one location to as many as twelve locations with up to three hundred and fifty employees.

As can be imagined the integration, aligning of Cultures, Operations and Strategy of these very diverse organizations has been an immense challenge. In the early days our ability to align the organizations was greatly hampered by our lack of experience and confidence in our own organization. We could see as an organization that the longer we struggled with misalignment of Culture’s and Strategies the more we were losing value and over stressing the system.

extraordinary employee experiences testimonial

Upon some serious internal review and soul searching we decided to embark on a journey to build an Acquisition and Integration Model and support practices that would be second to none. Our goal was to create a set of repeatable processes that would support rapid execution of Integration, Cultural Identification and Clarity and development of the New Business Unit Strategy aligned with the Cervus of Tomorrow Vision. If we could accomplish this we would greatly improve the Time to Value on new acquisitions and greatly improve our ability to support rapid growth. Both becoming exceptional competitive advantages and defining core competencies of our team.

We started down this development path in 2011 by documenting all of our current process, reviewing past success and failures and reaching out to find specialized resources and experts. This is when we were introduced to Dr. Stephen Hobbs and the TRIPIS Technique and Tools.

Stephen’s program and thinking was the catalyst to the exceptional success we have today. Leading us on a journey, Stephen’s process created a safe environment for the newly acquired team and the Cervus team to discuss the current realities of the culture, the business and the obstacles to reaching the Cervus of Tomorrow Vision. On the Journey we were able to create a set of celebrated mutual cultural attributes, a plan to enhance current successes and improve on the current business challenges. This work resulted in the development of our mutually agreed Five Year Strategy.

In each of the acquisitions where Stephen’s TRIPIS Program was used we have seen the integration time line significantly reduced along with cultural alignment and financial performance well beyond our expectations.

Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Stephen Hobbs as a partner in any Cultural & Strategy work. His effectiveness, thinking, facilitation skills and integrity are exceptional.

John C Higgins
Vice President – Cervus Equipment

Strategy & Culture
Merger & Acquisition - Transition Mentoring & Implementation Coaching

I have come to know and appreciate Dr. Stephen Hobbs through a few projects related to customer service excellence and acquisition integration. In both these areas, the key elements are culture and strategy, and that begins with self-discovery and assessment.

Stephen’s work involves introducing a picture of the current reality of the group that brings forward a healthy and deep realization of their imagined future. The information brought forward is formed by group(s) using only their words. Stephen has a unique way of engaging people in this manner that quickly allows them to open up with an immediate trust.

Jack Riley Service testimonial

As with any valuable initiative, there needs to be a framework in order to remain on track and be effective, along with a solid base to work from. Stephen is a master at setting up that foundation from the group’s current reality and instilling a framework through a set of easily learned stages. Groups align their ideas and statements they have brought forward to the desired set of decision indicators. From here, major goal setting can begin through a simple turn-over of those statements.  Once prioritized, a story begins to emerge that shows, not only the desired state of the future but an identifiable and actionable path to get there via competency verification; all strategically aligned.

An ever-important part of any initiative towards cultural transition is being able to measure and relate. Stephen provides the tools along with a great forum where people can immediately look to either opposing or complimentary forces to determine where an issue requires attention, without getting mired in unnecessary or distantly related details. The people can get to the heart of the matter faster and on point and apply whatever operational changes are required.

Through Stephen’s â€œ facilitative mentoring” he guides those involved to align and further engage throughout the entire organization resulting in enhanced operational effectiveness. As a result, there is a shift in mindset, a renewed level of drive, and a collaborative and organized approach to realizing the vision/mission.

Although Dr. Hobbs’ work has a very scientific edge in its proof, he is much more of an artist as he weaves a tapestry of thought and action together into a seamless living piece of artwork. I would recommend getting excited over the belief that there are immense possibilities for your group and that Stephen can help you stitch them into your future reality.

Jack Riley
Operations Manager
Cervus Equipment – Corporate Operations

Corporate Client – Program Evaluation
Experience-based Learning for Team Development

Knowledge: 4.9/5
Presentation: 4.9/5
Ability to Relate: 4.9/5
based on 23 Responses

A great experience that was practical and fun.
I had an outstanding afternoon outside with just the right amount of support at the right times.
A very good exercise that led to a great discussion after the outdoor program.
A very enlightening experience of the role of management.
A great exercise! It was well thought out in the activity added to the entire experience.
Importance of clear and concise communication was demonstrated.

Corporate Client
Experience-based Learning for Team Development

We had some positive feedback on the session you facilitated for us and I would like to thank you for arranging everything on short notice. Personally, I was very satisfied with the way it came together in my expectations, with regard to both content and the effect on that team, were met.

Le Roy R., TransCanada Pipeline

University Client
Appreciative Inquiry

Thank you for being involved in our appreciative inquiry component of our Summer Institute.

The students were touched by your presence and story, and those involved in the subsequent team building have a profound experience.

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the appreciative inquiry interviews especially given your busy schedule. The team loves the work he did with them on the weekend.

Lillas and Janice – Course Instructors

Government Funded
Summer Camp – Leadership Training

I wanted to thank you, even though I did in person a couple of times, for an incredible experience here at the camp. I’ve been a participant here for four years, and never had such a truly touching an eye opening experience as I did in your sessions and during the evening presentation.

I felt I had to make this known to you on a personal level because of the effect this had on me. Your story of the 15-year-old gun holder in Uganda, and how it changed your life was inspiring. In a lot of ways the day you spend here is been life-changing for me. I recently been conflicted about the next step in my life and you helped me realize that my journey is not only just beginning, but that it will be filled of things to overcome, learn, and teach.

Thank you so much for this experience and for teaching me so much. Continue to do what you’re doing and continue to have fun doing it!

Heather C.

Corporate Client
Speaking Presentation

On behalf of the members of the Hospitality, Financial and Technology Professionals, I would like to thank you for speaking to us on April 25. Your insights about appreciative inquiry leadership and culture were very helpful – gave us a new perspective. Thank you for joining us!

Elaine McPherson

LinkedIn Testimonials

~~~ Sean Cline
Managing Director Railway Application Services at Canadian Pacific Railway
June 3, 2018, Sean was a client of Dr. Stephen’s

Stephen, I attended a leadership conference in Banff Facilitated by you. I follow you and I just want to say thank you. I had the DNA within me but you helped me release my inner leader. I love what I do and the people I work with. Managing and Leading, Leading and Managing... never stop doing what you are doing.

~~~ Lillas Hatala
Leadership Development Facilitator and Coach
January 5, 2018, Lillas was a client of Dr. Stephen’s

Stephen is an outstanding Business Support Coach. Stephen recently coached me through the planning, production, and effective use of videos for my leadership program offerings. He is knowledgeable, accessible, and personable. I know I will be accessing his brilliance and high level support again in the near future. I highly recommend Stephen as your Business Coach!

~~~ Ellie Savoy
A Beyond Diets Health Coach teaching stressed out over-weight women how to step off the yo-yo dieting merry-go-round. As a result of our work together they reclaim their health and lose weight as a natural side-effect
December 15, 2017, Dr. Stephen worked with Ellie in the same group

Thank you so much Steve for sharing your brilliance with me. You have amazing listening skills and you ask great questions. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. You definitely expanded my mind to a whole other level. Love your play on words and creative edge.

~~~ Lorna Selig
Facilitator at Safe4Life Personal Safety Training Seminars
October 10, 2017, Lorna was a client of Dr. Stephen’s

Stephen is a gentle man who caused me to think larger than I had planned on thinking! We met this morning to discuss my business and by the end of our time, he had guided me to a new plan of action - one that I had not considered; and offered me some tools to move me along in the new direction. I found Stephen to be a visionary with the capacity to look beyond the usual and ordinary, to assist me to shape my thinking to look at a broader possibility. Thanks so much, Stephen! I was not quite prepared to have my brain expand at this level so early in the day!!

~~~ Julwel Kenney, Ph.D., CCMP
Director Change Management, Training | Learning & Development, Consulting | Open to new opportunities
February 1, 2017, Julwel reported directly to Dr. Stephen

Steve was the best doctoral mentor I had while I was completing my PhD. I truly appreciate him for all he did when he was my mentor. I achieved my PhD because of what he instilled in me, as well as provided me with the exact tools and knowledge I needed to complete by dissertation. He told me what I needed to hear and showed me how to do it right. He challenged me and show me how to think and write philosophical on a doctoral scholar level. Thanks a million Steve!! I truly wish you all the best!!! 

~~~ Steve M. Cork, WSO CSSD, CSM, CST
Director at Metra
September 20, 2016, Steve M. worked with Dr. Stephen in different groups

I had the opportunity to participate in multiple sessions with Stephen as a leadership facilitator. Very well served to participate and advocate if you have the opportunity. Demonstrates skill sets such as clear speaking, precise questioning, keen observing, and active listening. He serves the role very well, as facilitator in delivering the content, as well as guiding you on how utilize it constructively. Stephen gets you to think about group decision-making while remaining content-neutral. He was passionate about results, yet unbiased about path to reach them collectively.

~~~ Lisa Manyon
Marketing With Integrity: Focus on PASSION points
| Strategist| Writer | Speaker| Custom Consulting+Copywriting| ♥Wine
February 9, 2016, Lisa worked with Dr. Stephen but at different companies

“When exploring options to develop a certification program I required a process that embodies integrity and credibility. I have seen many certification programs created without checks and balances and that didn’t seem right to me. After speaking with Stephen Hobbs and learning more about his background and process, it was clear that he was the correct facilitative mentor to guide me through the process. What impressed me most was his method to verify the person creating the certification. In essence, you cannot create a credible certification process unless you have first been verified and certified. This process is important to me because you cannot really talk your talk unless you’re walking you walk. Then, you can truly walk your talk. I highly recommend working with Steve to tap into his competency experience." 

~~~ Rick Titan
Transformational Speaker/Trainer
November 19, 2015, Rick was a client of Dr. Stephen’s

I always appreciate hearing the truth. I believe us Coaches should be Coachable!
That’s why I asked Dr Steve to review a recent public presentation of mine "How to Let Go & Live on Purpose". I've got to tell you, what he shared was invaluable. His insights deepened my recognition of my educating approach. How I’m moving forward as an educator has shifted dramatically. Understanding the structure of different forms of education as well as presentation style can be very tricky. We broke everything down and made a perfect formula for the future. From his words, I am an “educator within, educating without!”
Stephen sees things that are difficult to see from our own perspective.
Thank you Steve!

~~~ Sebastien Garcia
Organizational Development Consultant at Grisvert
August 14, 2015, Sebastien worked with Dr. Stephen in different groups

I have known Steve for 10 years now. My work revolves around culture and change in human organizations, so I have built a strong network of experts and thought leaders in various "people" fields (Talent Management, Leadership, etc) to which Steve has contributed much value over the years. He is one of those few whose conceptual mind can effortlessly navigate the big picture of a leader's vision and translate fuzzy ideas into a visual mosaic (in color, literally) that clarifies decision-making.
I always enjoy working with Steve, not only for his great mind but for his heart and authentic voice.

~~~ John Thiessen
Owner at Body Anchors
March 10, 2015, John and Dr. Stephen were students together

I used to be a man careless with words.Then I met Steve(about three years ago). He showed me by his example, the power and subtlety that words have and that changed the way I communicated profoundly. Also through a conversation and his commendable listening skills he recommended a book he thought would benefit me. It too, transformed the way I perceived myself and made me a better person.
A mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted advisor. In hindsight I would call Steve back then an unintentional mentor. His wealth of wisdom and experience is not something he wears on his sleeve…it just envelopes you. This is the gift he shares with everyone he comes in contact with. I'm grateful to call him my friend and unintentional mentor.
Thank-you Steve, you inspire me!

~~~ Christal Earle
Founder, CEO at Brave Soles
February 27, 2015, Dr. Stephen worked with Christal in the same group

Working with Dr Steve through the TRIPIS process has been transformational in many personal and professional ways. First of all, the process is approachable and clear. At each step along the path Steve has been insightful, offering illumination in areas that I would have otherwise missed. Second, the process from idea/vision to reality with action steps has created a solid, usable structure for me to integrate into every area of my life and business based on what is the most important to me IN MY WORDS! Experiencing the TRIPIS process has changed how I approach my goals, create accountability and track my success and most of all, create the space I "work from" on a daily basis.

~~~ Dave Neumann
Director of Human Resources
December 24, 2014, Dave worked with Dr. Stephen but at different companies

Smart, experienced and likely one of Canada's most quiet and influential experts on Corporate Culture.
Anytime I have worked with Stephen over the past four years I leave being absolutely refreshed and inspired because he helps me to see more. More fully, more in-depth and more connections between ideas and actions.
He makes sense of the complex and he makes it safe to apply.
There are teachers, coaches and mentors who can create new and important understanding but there are the rare few like Stephen who can create new revelations that truly transform.
Stephen always does amazing at weaving ideas together and sharing his wisdom and I grow in his mentoring every time.

~~~ Teresa de Grosbois
#1 International Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Chair Evolutionary Business Council
March 11, 2011, Teresa worked with Dr. Stephen but at different companies

Steve Hobbs delivers breakthrough after breakthrough. He is the best leadership trainer I have experienced and it is no wonder he speaks and is known world-wide.

~~~ Julie Anne Cross, PhD
People-Performance Expert
October 24, 2010, Julie Anne worked with Dr. Stephen but at different companies

Insights and expertise in working together on new collaboration is a great example of Steve's positive leadership in bringing my dissertation work into the real world. We have enjoyed co-publishing a book chapter for the Volunteer Management Handbook (2nd ed), edited by Tracy Connors and published by John Wiley for 2011. Look for it: "The Impact Wheel: Volunteer Resource Manager Tools and Techniques for Managing the Performance of Volunteers."

~~~ Jason L. Urquhart, P.Eng
Data Scientist at Morneau Shepell
September 4, 2010, Jason L. was a client of Dr. Stephen’s

Steve is a "Tip of the Sword" thought and change leader. He has the abilities, wisdom and skills only found in a true senior level advisor/consultant. This is demonstrated by his personal approach and well chosen spoken words ("...which are important") executed so well one does not truly appreciate the depth of forethought. His insight has forever positively altered my career, ideas, personal growth and insight into true leadership. He's also extremely humble which is why I am writing this. If you haven't already met Steve you may have been going the "less correct" way until now. As Tesla was to the industrial age, Steve will be to the Shift in our approach to learning.

~~~ Todd Maki
Regional Director of Operations - BC at Campus Support
April 14, 2009, Todd reported directly to Dr. Stephen

Steve is an insightful educator with a passion to make the world a better place. His work has helped countless individuals and organizations to transition from mediocrity to excellence giving them tools to be successful. He has built his own organizations using his outside the box business knowledge and his personal integrity. If you work with Steve, you will learn – I did. 

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