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Mentor Guide

mentor guide

Quick reminder about an awesome relationship many people miss out on  … Why – I say why do it to yourself? Walk your path with your mentor guide. Yes – Find a mentor! Have a guide on your ride. And remember to ask great questions!

Legacy as Connection Currency 

connection currency

Connection Currency As you establish and sustain well-living relationships during #YourNextFifty, you have “Connection Currency.” With and through your various well-living relationships you mutually guide each other to be your best for the world. This connection currency is especially worthwhile as you create the well-living workplace with your staff, volunteers, and customers. Mentoring and Facilitating As you mentor them […]

Legacy Word for the World 

legacy word

Your Legacy Word for the World Once known you have a key to being you for the world.  Within you is a LEGACY WORD. It frames the essence of what you enjoy to learn/educate and learn/educate to enjoy. It illuminates key knowledge and skills that guide you from the future into the present. The associated Legacy Intentions […]

Managing Leading Actions

managing leading actions

Summary of Managing Leading Actions for the Well-Living Workplace The following 31+ statements highlight key actions useful for those who manage and lead a well-living workplace – a place of work where people live and work well together. The list is a composite of managing leading actions suggested by customers and clients over the past 30+ years. We continue to […]

Story Metaphor and Well-Living Workplace

story metaphor

 Use Story Metaphor for Managing and Leading the Well-Living Workplace Why … because the story metaphor provides a way to remember more than facts. About a story E M Forster said A fact = the queen died, the king died A story = the queen died, the king died of a broken heart Story-sharing via a story metaphor guides […]

Story Sharing

Story Sharing

Story Sharing: Consideration and Application Use story sharing as a way to remember what happened and what the story contributes. Even the most valuable facts, figures, and failures can be easily overlooked or forgotten after learning them and/or from them. Through story-sharing focus on what you have learned that is transferable to the workplace – life – and pay attention to the story […]

Life Leadership Legacy at Work

Work-Related Life Leadership Legacy You self identify as an executive, manager or entrepreneur … You’re living your Next Fifty … And you’re wondering what’s next? One question worth asking now: How you will use your lived experience for the betterment of your workplace, the community, the world. If You’re Still in the Workplace The question in the picture to the left excites a challenge […]

Leading from the Strategic Why to Create the Well-Living Workplace

leading strategically 1

Leading, Strategic Why, and Creating the Well-Living Workplace The world’s three great mysteries: Crop circles Bermuda triangle Leading from the strategic why You, everybody leads! However, most people possibly including you would not liken aspects of what you do each day as leading. Therefore, coming to know what it means to lead from the strategic why […]

Video Article 1: Workplace Issues and Organization of Work

Workplace Issues Organization of Work

5 Workplace Issues, Their Associated Questions Helpful in Creating the Well-Living Workplace (Clarity)   WELLth Movement Educate 55-75 year young executives, employees and entrepreneurs who are grandparents _in the use of ecological literacy concepts and practices __to co-create the well-living world by ___creating well-living workplaces with the involvement of their staff, volunteers and/or customers, and ___living their great lives with the involvement of their […]

Workplace Issues as Questions to Create the Well-Living Workplace

Workplace Issues CWLWP roots skyward

5 Workplace Issues, Their Associated Questions Helpful in Creating the Well-Living Workplace (Clarity) Workplace issues are a matter of confusion or conflict, frustration or upset, appreciation or gratitude, celebration or expansion – you put forward in the form of questions. Why in the form of questions?  To diffuse the attendant emotion! Identifying workplace issues (asking questions) within […]