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Wander in the Expansiveness of Your Extraordinary Experiences with Synergy: Well-Living World 2718

extraordinary experiences

Eco-creating the well-living world involves wandering in the expansiveness of the world with others knowing you can do more because of your synergy.  Synergy is about working together (Greek: sunergos) to create something greater than the individual things working separately. Actual teamwork is an example – not the pseudo teamwork mentioned in reports yet not actualized […]

Start with Educating With Heart While Breathing Life into the Setting: Well-Living World 2518

well-living world 2518

Eco-creating the well-living world involves understanding that education is the impetus for eco-creating the well-living world.  A starting point – an impetus – for eco-creating the well-living world is education. As in an “institution” – school, college, university = formal setting. And, from informal settings that are situational like the playground and workplace. And of importance, is an […]

Notice the Ripple Effect When You Query the Contributions of Others in Support of the Community: Well-Living World 2118

Well-Living World 2118

Eco-creating the well-living world involves querying the contributions of those you work with in support of the community.  To query – to question – to ask … is important in eco-creating the well-living world. Without questioning – asking, the truth can remain hidden. To challenge your beliefs by learning from others through critical reflection-of-concepts and on-practices […]

Note the Subtleties of Everyday Life as You Contribute to the Well-Livingness of Future Generations​: Well-Living World 1818

Well-Living World 1818

Eco-creating the well-living world involves noting the subtleties of everyday life that are your contributions to the well-livingness of future generations Four understated features of your personal contributions to eco-creating the well-living world are your: astuteness – accurately assess situations discernment – ability to judge well skillfulness – showing action pleasantness – about civility, friendly That is … being astute […]

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