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Book: Do The Right Thing

Book Do The Right Think

by David A. Duryea “Great leaders know core business model vision. They instinctively understand what it takes to not only develop a product or service but how to produce a sustainable core business model from an innovation or idea.” And you?Book Do The Right Thing Link to blog post or cut n paste this link:http://www.greatleadershipbydan.com/2018/01/great-leaders-know-core-business-model.html#.WmIhpF7cnIk.google_plusone_share(no affiliate fee) Excerpt from the […]

Blog: Nature Based Architect and 4 Important Questions

nature based architect

As a nature based architect for business, I invite organizational innovators and influencers (shapers and movers) to make a movement using extraordinary experiences based on our whole system-whole person platform. Why and how you manage and lead your “workplace organization of work (WOW)” is vital to your everyday decisions as a manager – leader. Because… to […]

Press Release 1 Making of a Movement November 2017

Press Release 1 Making of a Movement

Summary: Press Release 1 about Making of a Movement course in November 2017 … more details to follow: For Immediate Release  Contact: Richard Schultz, Co-Leader Email: wisdomways@gmail.com Website: wisdomways.net/wisdom/events/makingamovementThe Making of a Movement: New Online Workshop Brings Changemakers Together From All Over the Planet Calgary AB Canada, October 17, 2017 — What is the intelligent, impactful movement you need to […]

Answering Movement Query 2: A Question of Concept Bias

Movement Query 2

Summary: Sharing a thought in response to this Movement Query 2 from questioning the use of the term movement: “i am challenged by the word movement.  When I think of movements, I think of disenfranchised people coming together to try to change something so they feel more empowered. The feminist movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, […]

Movement of Movements

Summary: Movement of Movements is about extending this sequence of events … making a movement – making your movement – making of a movement – making of YOUR movement … as you weave YOUR movement into the movements of others. This post includes three short videos of Dr. Stephen Hobbs and Richard Schultz chatting about […]

Answering Movement Query 1: Are Most Movements Reactionary?

Movement Query 1

Summary: Sharing a thought in response to this Movement Query 1 from someone involved in making of a movement: “The question that comes up for me is the ideas or definitions of movements that are already out there… many movements are ‘ reactionary’ ….” From a “movement” perspective and/or “organization culture or workplace culture” … Many organizations/movements […]

Making of Your Movement

Making of Your Movement8-videos

Summary: There is a progression in the “making of YOUR movement” … from making a movement – making Your movement – making of a movement – making of YOUR movement. This progression involves topics highlighted in the videos in this post – with more to follow. And they all lead to a free, 3-video eCourse […]

Managing Leading Well-Living Workplace Challenge

Managing Leading Well-Living Workplace Challenge

Summary: Managing Leading Well-Living Workplace Challenge is made up of ten, short videos highlighting ten actions useful in managing and leading the creation and sustainability of a well-living workplace.  Here is an introductory video to the challenge …And, here are ten videos that make up the Challenge in association with the book Managing Leading the Well-Living […]

Playing with Workplace Words

Workplace Words

Are Workplace Words Important? Often before leaders and owners of organizations purchase my company’s services, I am asked for a list of references and credentials. Without hesitation, I can list where and with whom I have worked. When it comes to the question of higher education diplomas and degrees, I offer jokingly that I am a […]

Extraordinary Experiences Five Stages Videos

extraordinary experiences five stages

Summary: Extraordinary Experiences Five Stages blog post includes 5 introductory videos (1-2 min length) to highlight key concepts for each of the Five Stages of the Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform.  5 Introductory Videos Highlighting the Five Stages of the Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform … For “Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs” … And yet, applicable to all organization […]

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