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Your Wood-Related Holiday Gift Tree Stories 5119

Buy a Holiday Gift Inspired by a Tree - Then Share Why This Holiday Gift is Important

Tree Stories 5119 encourages you to share a tree stories holiday gift you purchase – you make – you link – to a tree. And add a note why this tree connection is important for the holiday and 2020.  A holiday gift this year – give something linked to a tree:A book – you wrote?A […]

Decision to Become a Natural Educator Tree Stories 4619


Tree Stories 4619 focuses on your decision to become a natural educator of your grandchildren (and family & friends) through the delivery of extraordinary nature-based experiences in 2020 …  It’s important you make the decision with a heartfelt yes – a mindful yes – and body yes …  Let your heart – emotions guide youLet your […]

Tree Stories Appreciation Enquiry and Problem Inquiry: Two Ends of the Same Stick

tree stories appreciation enquiry problem inquiry

Tree Stories Appreciation emphasizes the need to reframe conversations with children about nature, trees, and the ecosystems. It’s easy to slip into conversations about the problems facing humanity (people and persons) and the environment (nature – trees – ecosystems) … However, there are many appreciative aspects of humanity and environment to share as well. And, sometimes sharing the […]

Tree Stories Grandparent Involvement

tree stories Grandparents involvement with grandchildren with outdoors nature trees

Tree Stories Grandparent Involvement is an open letter – more so, a challenge to grandparents to find ways  to encourage – engage – evolve your grandchildren’s involvement in nature – in the outdoors. And in what you do, let’s connect so we can share your stories and activities with others – I’m collecting both with acknowledgement […]

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