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5 Legacy Projects Wellth Movement Supports

5 Legacy Projects Wellth Movement Supports

July 29, 2021 What are the 5 legacy projects WELLth Movement is supporting locally and globally? Video format…  Content Time Stamps for the video below:  Introduction to the Video including a Definition of Legacy  01:55 Introduction to Sharing 5 Layered Projects I Support  02:30 Project #1: My business – offering the Legacy DeCoded System/Program  03:18 Project #2: Volunteer with a service organization, creating […]

Want to Explore and Discover Your Legacy Project

Explore Discover Legacy Project

July 23, 2021 Want to explore and discover legacy project in your words, on your terms?  I start with a question because I want to share a SHORT situational story in which the question has relevance.  Conversation at Dinner The family and friends dinner party is scheduled for this Saturday evening. You’ve been mulling over what is an extraordinary […]

Consider your Withdigenous Legacy Project

Withdigenous Legacy Project

July 22, 2021 Want to explore the use of a new term “withdigenous” as it applies to legacy and legacy project:  Let me start with “digenous” ((digenesis)) – from biology – about sexual reproduction. That is, it is synergistic, as in pertaining to and/or originating from two sexes. [from a Google Search] Then there is indigenous – originating or […]

Mentoring, PTSD, Employees, Workplaces – Now What?

mentoring employees ptsd workplaces

Effective Mentoring: Its Response to Increased PTSD in Employees in the Workplace (Effective Mentoring Series – PTSD in the Workplace)  Doug serves as Director of Education and Co-Founder of the International Mentoring Network.  Mentoring, PTSD, Employees, and Workplaces Increasing numbers of employees showing signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a growing concern for organizations.  The International Mentoring Community […]

Mentoring Considerations

mentoring considerations

33 Mentoring Considerations in the Form of Action_Outcome StatementsMentor to Mentee -> “Walk Me Through It, Because When You Do,  IT Is For Giving” It = the conversation, the ideas shared IT = I Transition – about your movement and profitability Read these statements from your perspective as a mentor, mentee, or both. Clarify your purpose of /the reason for […]

Mentoring in Times of Organizational Change

Mentoring in Times of Organizational ChangeTapped for an executive appointment?  Job gone? Applying for your second-third role? Applying for a new role, new department Declined for a role? Been promoted overseas?…..The list goes on!  As we consider these crucial career moments it is almost guaranteed that if you have experienced any of these, you will think […]

Mentoring Experience – Questions for Getting Started

Mentoring Experience - Questions for Getting Started

Been There, Doing It, Willing to Share! A mentor is a person who provides ethical advice during the learning adventure of the mentee (protégé, associate, partner, etc) through the questions the mentee asks. The mentor speaks the truth of lived experience when the mentee is most unlikely ready to listen.  They share their learning experience in a friendly […]

Your Wood-Related Holiday Gift Tree Stories 5119

Buy a Holiday Gift Inspired by a Tree - Then Share Why This Holiday Gift is Important

Tree Stories 5119 encourages you to share a tree stories holiday gift you purchase – you make – you link – to a tree. And add a note why this tree connection is important for the holiday and 2020.  A holiday gift this year – give something linked to a tree:A book – you wrote?A […]

Decision to Become a Natural Educator Tree Stories 4619


Tree Stories 4619 focuses on your decision to become a natural educator of your grandchildren (and family & friends) through the delivery of extraordinary nature-based experiences in 2020 …  It’s important you make the decision with a heartfelt yes – a mindful yes – and body yes …  Let your heart – emotions guide youLet your […]

Mentoring Wisdom from Four Mentors

Mentoring Wisdom of Four Mentors and the Actions I Took (Words Really Matter)

Mentoring Wisdom is about 4 mentors who helped shape my practice of mentoring and competence as a mentor.  They each gave me the gift of mentoring through the presence of mentorship.  Mentoring Wisdom of Four Mentors and the Actions I Took (Words Really Matter) Life decisions are made from the choices available. To have appropriate choices requires […]

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