Story Sharing: Consideration and Application

story sharingUse story sharing as a way to remember what happened and what the story contributes.

Even the most valuable facts, figures, and failures can be easily overlooked or forgotten after learning them and/or from them.

Through story-sharing focus on what you have learned
that is transferable to the workplace – life –
and pay attention to the story line you’ll use.

You can share what you know
from your experience-based learning.
Because …
of the actions you’ve taken
based on what you see and feel as correct.

For the stories you’ll share
there are at minimum two kinds of story-sharing approaches.

First … as a mechanism to disclose tacit (implied, suggested) knowledge 
and thereafter capture that knowledge.

Second … story-sharing creates meaning and understanding
through the use of metaphors to transfer knowledge in a more transparent way. You share explicit (clear, straightforward) knowledge. 

Through story-sharing
you can share concepts, as you can share practices.
To know something conceptually and to share it
is one approach … reporting your research.
To have lived it … worked it … taken action
is another approach … reporting your results.

Story Sharing Ingredients

There are at least four ingredients to story-sharing. They are:

  1. < attention | intention > communication = when & where
  2. < reaction | proaction > strategy = why
  3. < function | form > structure = how & what
  4. < casual | casual > relationships = who


When you think of the times meetings were held to report on the project,
reflect on the type of stories shared
reflect on how many stories were shared during and after the project was complete.

In Closing

story sharingStory-sharing is in every person.
Its relevant application varies among persons.
Leaders versed in story-sharing stand a better chance of
engaging the hands, heads and hearts
of their employees, volunteers and/or customers.

Always and in all ways we’re committed to keeping it simple and consistent.

And we’re open to your suggestions …

Let’s have some fun together.

Make it a wellthy day,

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