April 28, 2022

Stickiness and Stick-to-it-ness While Mentoring

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What does Stickiness or Stick-to-it-ness have to Do with Your Mentoring Contribution?

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Stickiness or Stick-to-it-ness While Mentoring...  

00:01 Introduction
Answer Quora Question
Mentoring and Personship - Leadership
Stickiness is to the Organization as
Stick-to-it-Ness is to the Person
The Contribution of Mentoring for Stickiness
The Contribution of Mentoring from Stick-to-it-ness

Quora Question
02:29 Here are some things to consider when implementing a mentoring program in your organization. These are some of the common pitfalls.
04:04 1. Meeting as Scheduled
Mentors & mentees must remember their commitment to the program and to each other. Failing to meet as scheduled or frequent postponements will quickly erode the foundation of your relationship.
04:22 2. Excessive Time and Energy Commitments
Maintaining an aggressive meeting schedule usually proves impossible over time. In and of itself, this is not a problem, but once the meeting schedule "rights" itself, this can affect the mentee who may feel slighted or believe that the mentor isn't as invested.
06:03 3. Unrealistic Expectations
Unrealistic expectations & assumptions can wreak havoc on a mentoring relationship. Overloading the mentee with information and expecting the mentee to become the mentor's clone are two examples of unrealistic expectations that can have a negative impact on the relationship.
06:35 4. Over-dependence on the Mentor/Mentee
In this situation, a mentor may come to rely on the mentee for emotional support rather than focusing on the mentee's needs. Likewise, a mentee may rely too heavily on the mentor's approval. Rather than moving toward independence, the mentee might check in with the mentor before making decisions out of fear of making a mistake or receiving criticism.
07:30 5. Unfair Manipulation on the part of the Mentor/Mentee
A mentor may ask a mentee to complete the mentor's work under the guise that the mentee will learn better if the mentee actually does the task. Although practice in "real life" situations is best for learning, there's a huge difference between practicing a skill & doing someone else's work.
08:00 6. Resentment or Jealousy from Others
Mentoring is a much sought-after activity because of its positive effect on people's professional development. Unfortunately, many mentoring programs cannot include everyone due to size limitations. As a result, those who participate in such programs may experience resentment from those not in the program.
09:37 7. Ineffective Mentoring Pairs
Although this is rare in formal programs that use a strong matching algorithm, it can still happen. A pair may not work out for a variety of reasons: lack of commitment on the part of one of the parties, learning styles don't match, a change in job assignments, & , sometimes, the pair just doesn't work well together.

13:49 What is Personship?
Instead of Human Resources or Peopleship

17:04 Connection between Personship and Leadership
Lead person from safer practices
Human development - net benefit = safety

18:56 What is Mentoring?

Role of Mentoring for Personship?
Guide on the ride!
19:18 Mentoring FOR the Workplace

Role of Mentoring from Leadership?
You lead from the future for today
22:01 in the words of the person

23:14 Davide Whyte (poet) - work is about discovering and shaping a place where the self meets the world
Crossing the Unknown Seas

28:26 What is stickiness?
adhesive - bonding by workplace

29:08 Issues highlighting stickiness in the workplace...
turnover and morale
reward and recognition
success and promotion (entitlement and merit)
potentiality (for self) & opportunities (with others)
culture (of organization) and context (of person)

29:38 1) question of the return to the physical workplace
2) question returning to the workplace mission & vision via purpose and vision --- values
3) question of before and now, about the organization of work - up for discussion (debate_dialogue_multilogue)

How does stickiness inform the Organization (of Work)?
30:40 help them help you - ask
Lead via their words
Manage safe systems using GAS - general - accurate - simple [lose one, complicate the situation]
Offer Mentoring - with the resources - support!

34:00 What is stick-to-it-ness? [[stick-to-it-iveness - 1870]]
Perseverance, tenacity by person --- grit!

35:04 Issues highlighting stick-to-it-ness...
Experience of managing & leading expression of hierarchy of values
alignment with environmental-ecological-ethical values
clarity and confidence
Without wasting time, effort, and money

How does stick-to-it-ness inform the Outcome (of Performance)?
37:13 context & culture
The obstacle is the way
you cannot control the outcome, you can control your contribution
You can reposition the grip, not the outcome

Wise Practice -- Inspired Standard
Workplace Require - Request - Supply
You Require - Request - Bring

Stickiness or Stick-to-it-ness --- the "or" is "and"

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