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How to Walk with Nature

Begin with a shoulder shake
3 breathes, and linger with the word nature

Walk and find a place 
Where you safely stand

With quiet unfolding
with realization of what is here, there
with the willingness to integrate
with appreciation of the diversity
with the seasons, the weather
with integrity to commitment made
with vitality to self-concept
with stick-to-it-ness
with awareness 
with the presence of earth, air, water, and fire

When you decide to move
Close with a stretch, a yawn
And wiggle your toes,
Return with thanks for this existence

Alternatively, from the comfort of a chair, imagine your Walk with Nature to a place like this:

5 Words Involving Evolving Stay Found

Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others

HOW TREES ARE HELPING THIS WAR-TORN CITY HEAL AFTER ISIS: When the terrorist group occupied Mosul, the “Green City” turned gray. One local blogger was determined to reverse the damage.

Maria Popova of @TheMarginalian about #Legacy #Perspective "What determines whether a person is making “the best of life?” It's whether they are living up to their highest human potential, which ensures they go on living in other lives." (#adapted)

Apple Meditation: John Burroughs on the Portable Philosophy of Humanity’s Favorite Fruit - The Apple... Can you share the same for your favorite fruit?

M.C. Escher on Loneliness, Creativity, and How Rachel Carson Inspired His Art, with a Side of Bach “A person who is lucidly aware of the miracles that surround him, who has learned to bear up under the loneliness, has made quite a bit of progress on the road to wisdom.”

How Indigenous knowledge is helping to protect Canada’s grizzlies. In British Columbia, traditional Indigenous conservation practices show how humans and bears can share territory. That’s good news for both grizzlies and tourists

The green IT revolution: A blueprint for CIOs to combat climate change. Research shows that the most impact on IT-generated emissions can be found in unexpected places.

#POssibility: Guest Post: Sustainability and Style without Sacrifice PO = beyond yes and no - see Edward de Bono ))smiles

Government urged to deliver nature recovery plans by Emily Beament "Delaying or diluting payments for farmers to help nature recover would be a significant missed economic opportunity, the government has been warned."

#Perspective: Principles of Climate and Health (with Dr. Jeffrey Shaman, Director of the Climate and Health program at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health #podcast

What Does Sustainable Living Look Like? Maybe Like Uruguay... No greater challenge faces humanity than reducing emissions without backsliding into preindustrial poverty. One tiny country is leading the way.

#Perspective about #NOISE (I'm listening): ‘It feels like fresh air to my ears’: can brown noise really help you concentrate?

Cutting down the Amazon does not build prosperity for most Brazilians Rhett A. Butler

10 national parks that have the best fall foliage From the copper cypress leaves in Florida to the bright gold birch in Alaska, discover the best of autumn in some of America’s wildest and most iconic landscapes. BYERICA JACKSON CURRAN

Chasing the Sun - a metaphor: while including Shadow and Light, both have meaning... then, there are my own thoughts, my questions of self-kindness in this chase ---

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