November 8, 2022

Stay Found November 8 Full Moon Update

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Sharing insights posted via social media for October 25 through November 8, 2022.
Will post approximately every two weeks on the Full Moon and New Moon dates.
Note: I will go through iterations until I settle on the best format ))smiles

Today, includes:

  • Featured Thought - written for this post -- "How to Walk with Nature"
  • Summary: Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others - as posted (18)
  • Images scattered throughout our WELLth Movement Social Media - as posted 
  • Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from  WELLTH Movement (WM) & International Mentoring Community (IMC) -- WM is the co-founder and administrator for IMC

Place Where You Stand

Walk with the earth,
To the place where you stand 
Feel where you are
Feel the pressure of the ground
Feel the pull of gravity
Anchored as you are 

Feel the energy of the land
Moving up through your feet and legs
For you are a creature of this place

Open your awareness
View the landscape
See the portraits 

Find yourself a higher place
Feel now, what arrives

Before you leave

Alternatively, from the comfort of a chair, imagine your Walk with Nature to a place like this:

Tree Scape

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Legacy Nature

Summary: Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others

"Climate anxiety is serious. It could lead us all to a crisis much bigger than the climate crisis, a crisis of inaction. In the UK alone, 75% of the adult population feel climate anxiety. A feeling that is proven to be eased by actions, big or small." What say you where you live?
They #reference:

When to Consult Your Intuition: Should your intuitions come before or after your analyses? By: Gary Klein  #fastthinking #slowthinking

The Unthinkable Kept Her From Racing the NYC Marathon in 1993. Now She’s Back. Viciously attacked while training for the race three decades ago, Passle Helminski, at 68, will finally have her shot on Sunday. By Ben Pickman

Deborah Szekely, 100: Every Day Is Amazing From humble beginnings, Deborah Szekely created two of the world’s best luxury resorts that have been winning guest loyalty and awards since their inception — in the case of Rancho La Puerta, over 82 years. She shares her life tips, health advice, and the most amazing things she has seen in her 100 years so far. The Ageist 312
“Instead of a bench or a plaque or a wrapped gift for my 100th birthday May 3 this year, I desired only trees. It’s a gift that has no end in sight, for it will grow and grow, and cool Tecate for many years to come." @WeAreAgeist

Join the Global Community Gathering on November 17 to hear from John Perkins, Van Jones, Lynne Twist, and more! FYConsideration #community

With Your Own Eyes: Climate Change In Photos Collected And Curated With Love & Hope By People Like You.

Anxiety as We Age: Experts Weigh in on Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments by Judy Gerstel

The Great Turning Youth activist Katie Hodgetts speaks with Chris Johnstone about the publication of a revised edition of seminal text Active Hope  Resurgence magazine 

#WalkingwithNature Emails Reveal a Key Forestry Regulation Is 'Out of Whack' via @TheTyee  #trees

In relationship with #trees Time for a conversation? #nature #carbon

Mushrooms: Cellist Zoë Keating Brings to Life Sylvia Plath’s Poem About the Tenacity of the Creative Spirit “Our foot’s in the door.” By Maria Popova

Zoomer reference to #Elder: David Suzuki, 86, Announces He’ll Retire From ‘The Nature of Things’ in 2023 by Mike Crisolago, Oct 24, 2022

Collected Circles Harmful to Birds Small Animals

Items collected that could harm birds and small animals.

Schoolyard Benefits Nature

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Lyla June TEDX_Independent

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Ageist 312

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With Your Own Eyes Book

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Nature RX

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Weekend Warrior

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And more:

Finding Wonderland Animal Tribe... Look for Wonderland (and Wanderland)... Two-Legged Tribe... Freedom and Innocence... The story I'm living... Grow towards the light

Deforestation is slowing, but still falling short of climate goals: This week, the Forest Declaration Assessment–the first report since COP26 to measure progress on preventing forest loss–found that nations worldwide are failing to meet international targets to stop forest loss and degradation.
Although the rate of global deforestation slowed by 6.3% in 2021 compared to the 2018-2020 baseline, this decrease fell short of the 10% needed to meet the goal of ending deforestation by 2030. Using a number of metrics, including the forest landscape integrity index and forest canopy changes, researchers discovered that tropical Asia is currently the only region on track to do so.
Momentum in this region is largely driven by Indonesia–normally one of the largest contributors to deforestation–where government and corporate efforts to address the harms of palm-oil production contributed to a 25% loss of old-growth forests fell by 25% in 2021.
In addition to stronger mandatory action and increased funding, the report's authors emphasized the importance of supporting Indigenous forest stewardship by strengthening land rights and addressing land-use challenges. by Natasha Gilbert Found in The Waggle 30 link >

3000-year-old solutions to modern problems | Lyla June | TEDxKC [independent] "The Earth needs us." -- We as persons are gifts with the planet! #livingheirlooms #ecologicalstrategy #planetfriend

Hundreds of #trees may be planted at Cincinnati schools, rec centers and public housing in hottest areas. Tree planting may shift from sidewalks to schools.

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Been reading the bios and articles in @WeAreAgeist. Wanted to shout out a TU! Onward!

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