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Two Roots

With a tree
that calls to you
and with whose ki
you connect,
Feel at one with
the life energy

Ask if a message
is available
Ask, "Is there away
I can help you,
the forests?"


the trees and O2
the process CO2
their gift of fuel
nourishment, shelter,
companionship, and
recognize, articulate
a remembrance
as an expression
of thanks

Aspen Trees
Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Alternatively, from the comfort of a chair,
imagine reading this poem as you sit
with an a landscape, a plant you choose!
Photo Credit: Stephen Hobbs

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts Available from Stephen Hobbs

At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.

May 19: Walking with Nature 1 with the assistance of AI - from the imaginative words I shared; AI shared the image here. I cut the landscape in two, added the flourish to see what I could create for you! #borealforest PIC

May 19: Currency is a tool. A tool for investment & exchange, transaction. A tool for growth and presence, transformation. A tool for meaning & wonder, transcendence. Consider the currency of living your exceptional life…

Sharing Out Loud: Currency, when considered in living an exceptional life, takes on a more expansive meaning beyond physical or digital money. It can encompass various forms of #wellth, including knowledge, relationships, experiences, and personal growth. Consider "currency' and #transition --> #transaction, #transformation, and #transcendence

May 18: Being FOR the World, Being WITH the Plant… sometimes it is about some times when nothing, I mean no thing is in the way. Then, I realize my heart, the earth I live with, come together and frame the hearth of my home.

Sometimes, I mean some times I have nothing, I mean no thing to write about. And so, I remember about weaving earth and heart together to find the hearth of my home. #legacy #wellth

May 17: Manage Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity while Mentoring; 25 tips to guide this outcome

#video Up-Leveling for Professionals and Paraprofessionals https://youtu.be/QHLtP31aEms

May 17: There are times when "flow" is the word in motion to describe and explain what is unfolding. More so than not, a solitary activity. Take heart, flip "flow" around, and follow the nurturing of the "wolf" pack. PIC

When it’s important to get flow, and find wolf. A unique day is likely and often WELLcomed!

May 16: Staying Inside Because of Forest Fire Smoke - poor air quality - safety first! https://youtube.com/shorts/SudcONGDfRs 

May 16: Of what you create, of what you share, your creations light your path. Often, this path feels solitary. Consider co-creation with other creators' creations and together eco-create a community of significance. Whereas creation can feel solitary, consider eco-creating with others. And in doing so, eco-create a community of significance. Community, in this sense, involves you, other creators, your kin, and the wild kin!

May 16: Ethical and Supportive Behavior - Legacy and the Well-Living Organization - Ethics is a way to organize great work. It means knowing one's hierarchy of values - voicing the shared ethical values - and accepting the willingness to communicate through them in the organization of work. #legacy #wellliving PIC

May 15: Get what together today? Is a question of awareness, of intention and attention. Answer it early, realize the journey, & celebrate the destination. The what in question is your resource allocation - of time, effort, & money - your legacy! PIC

A Question of Legacy: Resources Gifted - Here is a question to ask yourself each morning to guide your #movement for the day. It's a #legacy related question about resource allocation - time, effort, and money. #wellth

May 15: Safety Reminder Wind Blowing https://youtube.com/shorts/UDw3e1jBjK8 With 4 major tips; plus quick reminder list

May 14: Trembling Aspen Introduction - a windbreak https://youtu.be/vMZH0_db5F8 

May 14: Explore Simple and Focused Ways to Improve Your Life Decisions as You Cross Off Issues Stalling Your Movement Forward PIC

#Consideration of Your Wellth Movement: Explore to Decide the action outcomes you'll cross off the To Do list or bounce around in your thoughts and feelings. #Cleanse 

May 13: An Unfolding Arising PIC

May 12: Of what needs to get done - Do it! Then, reflect on your answers to the associated why and how questions, linked to who am I to be doing it with whom? And, then ask, "Whole is it?" That is, What does - what I did - lead to? Something here for the heart, heart, and hands of living your life. PICOnce you complete what you have to do, here are questions worth asking --- #reflection #wellth #legacy

May 11: Nay, I say, do not stray from the way of making hay together. Create to co-create through eco-create for enviro-create to whol-create. About creating while considering a nay! PIC

May 11: Place to Wonder Garter Rock Sunrise - includes a poem - AI supported, I edited for inclusion… declaration: exploring the support of AI as a content creator https://youtube.com/shorts/2wMlrbvP5ng 

May 10: As you scale your message, As you scale your legacy project/contributions, Are you touching your participants in a way that feeds your heart and/or head? Worth asking! PICQuestion worth asking... related to head and heart. Onwoard! #legacy #message #project  #contributions

May 10: 5 Tips Experience the Extraordinary Legacy Project https://youtube.com/live/DqRRTUGdsb4 #legacy #experience #extraordinaryexperience #nature education #legacyproject #safety #wellth #movement

May 9: 2 Needle Hard Pine Along the Walking Path https://youtube.com/shorts/7piXCAPgcKw 

May 9: Dead Spruce Trees and Coyote Den Moves East https://youtube.com/shorts/5Xy78w5s4gE 

May 9: The Story of an Old Alder https://youtube.com/shorts/QkkFN46_TBI 

May 9: Well-Living Organization - Balance the Persons, Producing, and Profit PIC
To co-create the well-living organization (as a legacy project) it's important to balance persons, producing, and profit. Otherwise, one or more of the three will lessen to a point of breakage. #workplace #organization 

May 9: Of what is in your control, matters... the direction in which your feet point, matters... your expression of what you think & feel, matters... all are framed by your discernment of living from the whole PIC

May 8: To live a nature-aware life, use the light experiences of illuminating, reducing, grounding, playing, & discovering. In doing so, you move away from the 2D screen into the multiD wholverse. #nature #legacy #stayfound PIC

May 7: As you share the legacy, you intend to live and leave, we can assist you with simple, elegant, & intelligent tools & techniques collectively called DAO Systems:
Decide Action-Outcomes to Save Yourself Time, Effort, & Money Using Safer Practices PIC

#Walking with #Nature offers opportunities to #experience the #extraordinary - like the work of beavers as they fell trees for building their dams and food - and yet, these trees were felled on the path. #awarests #soloaging Video...

May 7: The Grand Old Spruce with Burnt Base
Why oh why does this grand old spruce,
have a burnt hollow at its base?
A question for the day…

May 7: Alder Gateway Writing a Story Fantasy
Along the path, trees form wonderful structures
Through their interactions - the layering of their branches
gateways like the one seen in the video present

May 7: Consideration of a Fallen Tree, Nature Observation, and answering the ?: "Now What" https://youtu.be/2impT-jyxlg via @YouTube #awarests #nature #walkingwithnature #fallentree

May 6: In the situation of your work, you may be without all the resources needed. However, that may give you the energy to reimagine - restructure - rescript what's forthcoming.

An Ode to the #Organization of #Work. #Wellth #Legacy PIC


Access the images and videos, and key messages shared by WELLth Movement between Apr 19 and May 5, 2023 re: #Legacy #Nature #Experience, #Education #Safety #Wellth #Movement #StayFound #Awarests https://wellthmovement.com/stay-found-may-5-full-moon-update/  

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Shorts on various topics
while walking with nature! Here are two!

Legacy Well-Living Organization

Bring Uniqueness to Safe Work
Balance Persons Producing Profit
Ethical and Supportive Behavior
Lead from Vision
Leverage Responsive Listening
Use Network Management WLO
Legacy Well Living Organization
10 Characteristics Well Living Organization

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others

I sorted them by keyword.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.


#Introduction From bird poo frogs to alligator snapping turtles – here are nature's masters of deception https://theconversation.com/from-bird-poo-frogs-to-alligator-snapping-turtles-here-are-natures-masters-of-deception-205445
via The Conversation UK#animals #birds #reptiles #humans
How to make the outdoors great for everyone There are many complex, deep-seated reasons for the underrepresentation of Black, Brown, disabled and LGBTQ people in outdoor recreation and in the outdoor industry. Read more from Roadtrippers @TOCoalition_ https://roadtrippers.com/magazine/make-the-outdoors-great-for-everyone/
Read a selection of nature-informed & nature-based articles in "The Waggle - Issue 46" https://mailchi.mp/regeneration.org/the-waggle-issue-46
Building material - climate crises - ecological question and now "A new kind of brick" https://thecarbonalmanac.org/a-new-kind-of-brick/
The impact of blue carbon - what's it about? How does it help you? https://thecarbonalmanac.org/the-impact-of-blue-carbon
#Stories #Contributions "Ordinary people doing extraordinary things" via The Carbon Almanac https://thecarbonalmanac.org/ordinary-people-doing-extraordinary-things/


How We Render Reality: #Attention as an Instrument of Love https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/05/10/iain-mcgilchrist-the-matter-with-things/ via @brainpicker #Awareness #Intention #Living
Revealing The Truth About Human Traits - Demartini Blog https://drdemartini.com/blog/the-truth-about-human-traits #helpful #useful #eventful #wellth #livinglife https://youtu.be/dP9wLnY3Ph0
Could public health guidelines help stop loneliness? 7 tips that show how crucial social connection is to well-being https://theconversation.com/could-public-health-guidelines-help-stop-loneliness-7-tips-that-show-how-crucial-social-connection-is-to-well-being-205358 via @ConversationCA
#Consciousness, (#AI) Artificial Intelligence, and Our Search for Meaning: Oliver Sacks on ChatGPT, 30 Years Before ChatGPT https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/05/02/oliver-sacks-making-up-the-mind/ via @brainpicker

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