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Georgia, walking a snowy path with me

A Point of View Poem - click the image to read!

Walking with the dog on a snowy day
POV Life Legacy Loverage

With a Tree

Find a tree
stand facing it
ask permission
reach out
hold the tree

Keep your balance
visualize the strength
helping you with
your overwhelm

Feel the imbalances
move out of your body
down the trunk,
into the roots
breath in, mouth
breath out, nose

Remain for the time
it takes, breathe well
give thanks
leave a simple gift
for the healing

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Alternatively, from the comfort of a chair, imagine reading this passage as you walk to an oak tree and say hello. The picture is of oak leaves.

Oak Leaves

Source: wolfgang-rottmann-ov51gmGJhpA-unsplash


Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others

I sorted them by keyword in the left hand column.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.

MovementExplore 100 Years of National Geographic Pull-Out Maps - an older article. Yet - insightfullllll https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/article/supplemental-maps-cartography-magazine-anniversary-culture via @NatGeo #maps #mapping
NatureArticles about nature-based and nature-aware programming and projects - criss-crossing the world The Waggle - Issue 42: https://mailchi.mp/regeneration.org/the-waggle-issue-42 @RegenerationOrg
NatureFood waste action week - it's something that can happen here foodickly - let's make it happen! https://thecarbonalmanac.org/food-waste-action-week/
NatureHow to Survive Hopelessness #nature #yacht #ocean #sea #whales #family #resilience https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/02/28/sea-survival-dougal-robertson/ via @brainpicker

Since we've all gotta go… a "Story Of Waste Not... Feed alot!" https://thecarbonalmanac.org/since-weve-all-gotta-go/

NatureWant to read a good book about climate change? The Carbon Almanac... link - click the image - you'll find it! https://thecarbonalmanac.org/want-to-read-a-good-book-about-climate-change/
Nature#Animal architecture: why we need to design buildings for wildlife as well as people https://theconversation.com/animal-architecture-why-we-need-to-design-buildings-for-wildlife-as-well-as-people-200879 via @ConversationUK
NatureThis Scottish Dark Sky Town Decided To Go Even Darker @atlasobscura https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/dark-sky-moffat-scotland #lightson #lightsoff #naturelight
NatureGreening Schoolyards #outdooreducation #concepts #practices --- via a link to update post from @ChildrenNature https://mailchi.mp/childrenandnature/rd-february2023?e=a5acfb9f2e GIF: Even with a purple octopus on the playgroud))smiles
Nature#Perspective Do Trees Really Support Each Other through a Network of Fungi? Another POV https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/do-trees-support-each-other-through-a-network-of-fungi/ via @sciam #woodwideweb #trees
NatureVideo course on LinkedIn - from the book "The Carbon Almanac" If you have two minutes to spare - have a look! https://thecarbonalmanac.org/have-two-minutes-to-spare
Nature#Consideration--- Ranked: #Biotoxins in #Nature, by Lethal Dose https://www.visualcapitalist.com/visually-ranking-biotoxins-in-nature/ @VisualCap
NatureHm... #perspective "Night skies are getting 9.6% brighter every year as light pollution erases stars for everyone" https://theconversation.com/night-skies-are-getting-9-6-brighter-every-year-as-light-pollution-erases-stars-for-everyone-199383 via @ConversationUS
NatureResources from the USA -with a wider appeal about "Kids just want to be green" https://thecarbonalmanac.org/kids-just-want-to-be-green/
NatureWhy walking through the countryside 'tames' our brain https://theconversation.com/why-walking-through-the-countryside-tames-our-brain-199702 via @Conversation_E
Nature#Interesting #Consideration An ancient city goes (back?) to renewables https://thecarbonalmanac.org/an-ancient-city-goes-back-to-renewables/
NatureThe Magic of Moss and What It Teaches Us About the Art of Attentiveness to Life at All Scales https://www.themarginalian.org/2015/05/13/gathering-moss-robin-wall-kimmerer/ via @brainpicker #smallness #life #scale #consideration
Nature#Perspective of #LivingLife under circumstances that challenge us in being for the world and being with the planet --- "We are in this together" https://thecarbonalmanac.org/we-are-in-this-together/
WellthA sense of me... with the collection of rocks... manifesting home from house, materializing house as home... stories of within, without, between, together, beyond... member, remember, lovmember... learn, know, #share... energy of #love https://youtu.be/nSBWV0l6WOE @GreenRenaissance #energy
WellthInsights about retirement - offering a perspective of what hinders and helps: On LI --> https://www.linkedin.com/news/story/the-ideal-retirement-age-61-5564308/
#legacy #mentoring #preparationchecklist #preventionbackpack I'll share more over the days and weeks ahead...
WellthCall to the Wild: This Is Your Brain on #Nature https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/article/call-to-wild via @NatGeoMag #aging #brainhealth
WellthThe ‘Rainbow Bridge’ has comforted millions of pet parents. Who wrote it? #thosewithdogs #thosewithpets #dogs #pets https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/rainbow-bridge-poem-pet-death-mourning-origin-revealed @NATGEO

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts Available from Stephen Hobbs

I sorted them by keyword in the left-hand column.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.

MovementFull Moon Blog post - summary of articles, videos, images for #olders to be #elders -- linked with #wellth, movement, #legacy, nature, experience, education (#mentoring), safety -- 2 programs: Stay Found and Walking with Nature https://wellthmovement.com/stay-found-february-5-full-moon-update/ All in link 4 past 2 weeks!
NatureI enjoy learning about Experiential Education ... and I met with a EE Practitioner Alex Bajorek - he is a member of @AEEintl (Association for Experiential Education) https://youtu.be/hXzQcFhA9ME - here is the YTvideo - enjoy! Please share, leave a comment!
NatureDear Olders as Elders: Trees are the educators of children as they are the educators of adults. Especially, when you listen and learn, then share and educate. A grove with trees, and trees as a forest are places where your awareness grows about the possibilities of experiencing an extraordinary life, creating well-living organizations, and eco-creating the wealthy wellthy world. What does it mean to be an outdoor-informed grandparent and parent? To be a nature activist - advocate - actionist? Let the trees be with you, and you'll know! https://www.wellthmovement.com/nature
WellthBlog Tuesday Reflective Poem about Life, Legacy, and Loverage - albeit the first draft #perspective #POV https://wellthmovement.com/point-of-view-life-legacy-loverage-wellth-movement-03062023/
WellthThe possibility of doing it is before you. To stand up - to set up - to stride forward. Ah, here is the test of commitment, grit, & awareness of being fully human.
WellthVideo: Stephen Hobbs' Favorite Mentor Was a 14-Year-Old Girl With a Gun Pointed at His Face https://youtu.be/18_qShyRzUE YT: Frontrunners Development, Inc.
WellthWe did done it . . . because it was - sometimes, as a routine - other times, as a ritual. Where & when is the intention present to experience the extraordinary?
WellthIssues are the questions. Initiatives are the answers. Thus we have problem-solution inquiry and appreciative-expansion enquiry. Sometimes together.
WellthFame and famous are words I seldom pen to paper. They are fleeting terms. Instead, I do my best by what I know at the time. I continue to learn-know-do with you.
WellthSeasoning Stews - WELLth Movement Programs and Projects ... update about what's unfolding - first announcement about Awarests.planet 1/4Q book-magazine https://youtu.be/72vYuOxFGL8
In your dance between motion and stillness - this movement is a space to know yourself and to know what is enfolding and unfolding. A great place for journaling.
WellthSeasoning Stews - WELLth Movement Programs and Projects ... update about what's unfolding - first announcement about Awarests.planet 1/4Q book-magazine https://youtu.be/72vYuOxFGL8
WellthPause, with reflection - what is here? You sense an obstacle. Sometimes, clear in its definition. Sometimes hidden. Don't turn away. Learn-Know-Do what guides you forward.
Copy: An already post - yup, I did done do this! Thought I was up for a 7 am live interview only to find it's schedule one month from now. And so, of awareness there is #intention and attention - pay attention, Stephen! Pay #attention! Let not, shoddy awareness creep into my day.
WellthAs you fan the happiness of a person's journey, do so with a handfan - share your insights with simplicity, elegance, and humility. May the fan be with you!
WellthSimplicity of living is the gratitude felt and expressed for what is in front of you. There is no lack of. Because you are here.
WellthEach morning I speak along my walk - "Peace be with learning, knowing, & sharing" . . . and, there are things I do not know as I enter the day. A realization unfolding. A challenge for learning and sharing.
WellthIN this moment - alas, in these moments because that moment just left, are the decisions of making it so, so IT is. INIT

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7 Programming Intentions 2023 

Outline of the "7 Intentions: A Program for Olders to Be Elders" from the WELLth Movement
#legacy #nature #safety #mentor #experience

Blog: https://wellthmovement.com/7-intentions-program-wellth-movement-02152023 

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Summary of Free Writing by Stephen Hobbs

Use the ideas here to co-create additional ideas.
Remember - they are free writing - first drafts, including use of unfamiliar words
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Your workplace legacy... 
How can you loverage your lived experience to realize one or more of the statements below or others you determine important to you and those you interact with before you leave your workplace?

  • "Performance improves when leading my Field Staff from their hierarchy of values."
  • "We hold stand up morning meetings, & we accomplish 2x as much as when we are sitting."
  • "Customer engagement rates are increasing because of our You Decide Guarantee."
  • "It's so much easier to assign accountabilities when the staff make commitments they keep."
  • "The department is managing its financial allocations wisely."
  • "Our customers enjoy our onsite training programs the staff deliver."
  • "Our Safety Incident Reports have been cut in half, and dropping!"

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